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26 vertebrae and let’s keep it that way

Posted by laurie on October 14, 2010

Okay, I need some clever suggestions on how to keep Sherman from jumping off the top of the couch onto the floor. Top of the couch is his absolute favorite spot and whenever Stanley dashes out the doggy door, Sherm follows him. He goes right from the top, doesn’t bother to jump to the seat first. Short of moving the furniture I’m not sure what to do. Ideas?

25 Responses to “26 vertebrae and let’s keep it that way”

  1. sississippi said

    You might have to rearrange your furniture. How about moving the table on the left to behind the sofa to cut off his egress. Decorate it with a lamp, books, etc. and he won’t have anywhere to go but down via the seat cushions.

  2. sississippi said

    On second look, oops, is that your dining room table. I was thinking more of a library/sofa table.

  3. Gloria said

    I have the same problem. I tried to “train” Suzie to come down on the cushions and then the floor instead of the big leap by luring her with dog treats. Of course I created a treat monster who would sit on the couch just to get a treat to come down. Those beagles!

  4. Steve said

    I have doggy steps for the couch and bed. Usually laziness prevails, and my beagles walk up or down the steps instead of jumping.

  5. Jenny said

    Maybe train him not to sit on top of the couch instead?

  6. Harper said

    Whisky Girl Beagle jumps off our footboard on our bed; she has a footstool (nice little cheap model purchased at Kmart — and still fairly nice looking!) that she uses to get up on the bed, but when getting off the bed, climbs up to the footboard and jumps. Same situation; so any solutions offered would be great!

  7. FannieMae's Mom said

    I have a tiny min pin. We are told that they should not jump off of couches etc because their little legs are very delicate – well, just tell me how to prevent that. She is getting older now and having trouble jumping up onto the couch, but I haven’t been able to get her to use the steps I got for her (I have tried putting treats on each step – she will stretch as far as possible to get the treat, but won’t walk up the steps.) Good luck convincing Sherm to not jump off the back of the couch.

  8. Tonya said

    I was thinking of a small ottoman of some sort, one that is not on wheels, but functional for inside storage and would fit in with the motif. Maybe your pup will use it as something to jump on to get to the couch and to get off?


  9. My trouble with jumping from high places are my two tweenie Dachshunds. Uff da. They do have steps to use to the bed. Do they use them? Oh, no – leap from where ever they are. Sigh.

  10. Lady & Tramp said

    What about doggie steps?

  11. Kellie said

    Sorry, I’ve had beagles forever…………A cape and prayers, they do what they want. Deep Deep Sigh, I feel your pain.

  12. Luana, Cody and Henry said

    The problem with doggie steps, a small ottoman, or anything else you want them to use instead is this: They don’t understand that they are SUPPOSED to use the steps, ottoman, etc. instead of leaping from the top of the couch. I suppose you could try to train Sherman to use steps, but he may not always do it (especially when he’s excited or in a hurry to catch up to Stanley!). A few years ago the vet suspected Benny of having a back problem and said he should do NO jumping on or off chairs, sofa, bed, ANYTHING for a month. I bought doggie steps, but he didn’t understand what they were for – plus, I couldn’t trust that he would use the steps when I was not at home. I didn’t want to come home and find him lying injured on the floor, so I had to turn the living room sofa completely around to face the wall and pile boxes on the chairs during the day so he couldn’t jump on anything!

  13. Nancy in AZ said

    Until our beagles got arthritis they kept doing it. And ours ignored the expensive steps we had.

    How about a trampoline and he can catapult himself off of it?

    Seriously, maybe one-on-one training sessions with Sherman where you put cardboard boxes (or something) around the couch where he dives off. Make it something safe but something he would think twice about diving into. Then entice him down and reward when he gets down properly. As I recall, Shermala has hearing issues. I use hand signals with voice commands and lots of carrots. Reward/’good boy’/hoopla even if he just gets to the seat area. It takes a while but it’s worth it to save his back. He is too young to be flying.

    • Scott said

      I like the idea of putting something around the couch that he would not want to jump into. I forget, is Sherman the hearing impaired guy? If not, maybe a string of metal cans that rattle, crunched up aluminum foil, something “hard” on his feet like acorns? A pit bull?

    • Martha M said

      Nancy in Arizona-is that picture with you reply your beagle? So cute!

  14. Sue K said

    Laurie – all I can say is good luck!!! I wouldn’t move anything behind the couch because it has been my experience that knocking things off a sofa table doesn’t bother a young beagle. Unless, you move the furniture against a wall – that has been the only thing I have found effective. Brady loves to jump off the back of one couch that can’t go anywhere except with it’s back to the kitchen because of our patio door. Huey stopped sleeping on the back of couches a long time ago, but he makes me nervous when he jumps off the couch cushions and doesn’t use his doggy steps. It especially bothers me when he sprawled out on the floor and has gather himself up to stand!

  15. K. Spivey said

    Get him some wings. He already has an angelic face.

  16. Kelly Green said

    How do I train my husband not to train the beagle to “spring” into the air as high as she can?

  17. l.ingram said

    why dont you get one of those cushioned benches you put at the foot of the bed, i have one so they can get up on the bed, (i love them on the bed at night) i have two beagles, and put it on the other side of the couch, that is if you dont want to move the couch, my beagles wont use those steps.

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