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What was he thinking?

Posted by laurie on October 19, 2010

Box. Big box. Cute little beagle in the big box! The UPS man delivered the box yesterday. That would be the same day we had our driveway resurfaced. Perhaps this was a good opportunity for the UPS man to deliver the box to our neighbor instead? No! Because apparently UPS men can float just above the driveway and not leave any footprints on sticky tar.

Or maybe not…

23 Responses to “What was he thinking?”

  1. Martha M said

    Well, if he commits any crime, you’ve got his shoe prints! I’m watching way too much Law and Order.

    By the way–new lab results for Shiloh–all is good! She goes back in a month to see if she needs to get back on the prednisone.
    Shout out to Dr. Elliott and the Stratford Hills Vet Center in Richmond, Va. They are wonderful@

  2. Rebeca said

    They really are like little kids, aren’t they? No toys or chewsers this year for Christmas. I’ll just go to the liquor store and get empty cartons so the can play with those.

  3. K. Spivey said


    Is there anything you can do to get UPS to take responsibility?

    • C Siding said

      We are in contact with UPS. they are sending out the supervisor today. According to them the UPS guy asked the guys spreading the tar if he could walk across and they said yes. I think they will pay to fix it. We’ll keep you posted

    • Donna & Oscar said

      The tar guys must be related to the guys that put down our new carpet. They were so surprised when we complained to Home Depot that the carpet was FRAYING at the ends. It’s fixed now, I think.

      • Susan in DE said

        Lordy, don’t even start with any contractors hired through Home Depot. The guy who did the tile in our powder room didn’t show up for the first two days (my husband took off from work to wait for him), got tile cement on my brand new light green carpet, got tile dust all over the first floor, and only used one of the three boxes of tiles we paid for and took all the rest for himself.

        Laurie and Phil, my husband is the king of complaint letters, let me know if you need help (although I’m suspecting Captain Siding can manage just as well. ;->) He sent a four page letter to the president of Home Depot with a cc: to the local store manager, and two days later we were getting apologetic phone calls and had the FULL price of the tile and installation refunded.

  4. Susan in DE said

    Apparently he wasn’t thinking … and didn’t care, either. :-<

  5. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Good grief. How about a little common sense…

  6. Sue said

    All I can say is you have the best presents (beagles) that anyone could ask for!

  7. Harper said

    Was that a slurry seal application?
    And the contractor should have known better; if it was slurry seal, you can tell when the material “breaks” (aka, hardens up enough) – also depends on the weather conditions, etc. etc. etc.

    Sorry for my two cents, but what can I say… I’m a Construction Inspector…

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