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Mus Musculus

Posted by laurie on October 20, 2010

The mice have returned. Each morning I find little mice droppings on the counter and under the sink. They got into the utensil drawer so now every single utensil is in the dishwasher. I bought a pair of humane traps because I couldn’t find the one(s) we own but even Phillip couldn’t operate them (I’m returning them). Fortunately he located the trap we have, so tomorrow morning I will begin my autumn routine of carefully opening the cabinet door, gently pushing the trap to feel if it has any heft to it, then slamming the door shut and placing a box next to Phillip’s keys with the gentle reminder “MOUSE!!” I am such a wimp. I remember the first time I saw a mouse in my apartment. I was in my early twenties and lived in Amherst, MA. Freaked me out. I immediately called my father who sympathized but then said, “Honey, I can’t really help you. I live in Florida.”

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