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Mus Musculus

Posted by laurie on October 20, 2010

The mice have returned. Each morning I find little mice droppings on the counter and under the sink. They got into the utensil drawer so now every single utensil is in the dishwasher. I bought a pair of humane traps because I couldn’t find the one(s) we own but even Phillip couldn’t operate them (I’m returning them). Fortunately he located the trap we have, so tomorrow morning I will begin my autumn routine of carefully opening the cabinet door, gently pushing the trap to feel if it has any heft to it, then slamming the door shut and placing a box next to Phillip’s keys with the gentle reminder “MOUSE!!” I am such a wimp. I remember the first time I saw a mouse in my apartment. I was in my early twenties and lived in Amherst, MA. Freaked me out. I immediately called my father who sympathized but then said, “Honey, I can’t really help you. I live in Florida.”

22 Responses to “Mus Musculus

  1. Martha M said

    yuk-I do the same thing with big spiders. I’ll drop a shoe on them and leave it until my husband comes home to pick it up.

    One more-years ago, I was 8 months pregnant and lying on the couch when I saw a tiny mouse head poke out of the brick chimney where it meets the wall. It saw me and ducked back in. My husband came home to find the fireplace and crown molding duct taped. And we all know what duct tape can do to painted dry wall…….Good thing I was pregnant, he was nothing but sympathetic!

  2. ChristyACB said

    Oh no…is it that time again? While they don’t make it into my house, except once when I left the door to the garage open while cleaning out some stuff, they do get in the garage via the vents. I hate it! I’ve gotten to the level of OCD about anything a mouse might utilize in there. Only this time of year to worry about. Guess it’s down to lowe’s for more no-see-it traps.

  3. K. Spivey said

    One time my sister had a mouse in her bedroom so she left her cat in there. She checked in later, and saw no sign that the mouse had been caught. However, when she put on her shoes, she started screaming like a stuck pig. The cat had tucked the dead mouse in her shoe!

  4. Rebeca said

    We have them too. I hate the idea of killing them. One actually poked his way through the steel wool in one cabinet so we suspect it’s something larger. I can hear it at night, surprisingly though, no sign of droppings. So I’m wondering whether it’s a squirrel that managed to burrow itself in the basement. I just hope it’s not a rat.

  5. Trixie's Mom said

    We used these up at the cabin this summer. We were pleased enough with them that when DH spotted a mouse in our house basement last week, I ordered another for using here.

  6. Kim Jackson said

    My mom-in-law always said that they were so cute and that if they wouldn’t poop all over she would just put out tiny food and water bowls for them! ….tiny litter box? NO WAY!!!

    Ian the dog (lemon beagle) would murder them on command! Just one more reason to really miss him!

    • Jenny said

      I hear you… They are also a source of hilarity. Once my parents had a mouse that got on top of the (hanging sideways) paper towel roll and unrolled the whole thing. The kitchen looked like it had been toilet-papered in the morning! The same mouse used to move chocolate chips from one drawer to another and arrange them in neat little rows.

    • K. Spivey said

      Why can’t your mil leave out tiny bags for them to scoop their own pooplets?

  7. Steve said

    Perhaps you should get your beagles a feline mouser companion…

  8. Peggy said

    Does Sherman feel that becoming a Mouse hunter would ruin his Beagle street cred?

  9. Vivian said

    Snacks for the boys….yum! I remember my first beagle Lucy loved to chase and trap field mice. The disgusting thing is she would eat them…all of them! She did the same with cute little birdies. She would sit very still in the yard and just wait with the patience of a true hunter. Then occasionally a stupid bird would land next to her and in a flash of a milisecond the bird was lunch. That was Lucy. With Lucy in and around the house I never had an issue with mice. Lucy’s passed several years ago and none of my other beagles had a taste for mice…birds yes….mice no.

  10. Susan in DE said

    I think you should empty one of your kitchen cabinets, and just put Sherman (aka The Death Star) into it for one night. That would solve the problem.

  11. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    We don’t have mice but we do get the incredibly large flying tree roaches. I won’t touch them. The Beags will stare at them if they are on the wall or ceiling, but they don’t eat them, thankfully. Filthy creatures. Such is life in Houston Tx. 🙂

  12. BookerMoose said

    We live in a condo and have recently had a report of a mouse in one unit and a rat in our storage locker area – first rodent sightings in the 15 years we have lived here. I am such a wimp – I want to move out until they are taken care of!

  13. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Ha. We once had a “domesticated” (our daughter’s pet) mouse escape in the house. It was the stuff of cartoons: two adults and a beagle chasing the mouse across the kitchen, through the dining room and into the sunroom, back to the kitchen, through the cupboards . . . ridiculous. I ended up laughing so hard I had to stop the chase. We gave the kid 24 hours to secure mousie before the trap was deployed.

  14. Cecelia said

    That is so funny. I am sure my beagle would run from a mouse. LOL I can’t tell you how many times I have called my dad over “emergencies” and he always reminds me he is in WV. I have either been in NC, GA or back in NC…depending on where the AF had us. That made me laugh….


  15. gitty said

    you need a cat!

    • Susan in DE said

      You have to be careful and be sure you get a mouser, and not just any old cat. One of my friends got two cats to live in her lovely barn to help keep the rat/mouse population down (where there’s livestock grain, there are mice/rats, no matter how clean you are). The two cats would just look at the vermin run past and put their noses in the air, it was totally beneath them to address the situation. My friend named the cats “Odd Job” and “Useless”.

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