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Posted by laurie on October 21, 2010

Phillip was about five miles on his way to work yesterday when he realized he’d forgotten to take the mice. Yes, you read that correctly. Our first night of mouse roundup yielded TWO MICE in ONE trap! I had put his keys in the mouse transportation box, and left a friendly reminder (“MOUSE!”) on a sticky note, but somehow he left the house without them. Animal lover that he is, he turned around and went home for them, so they wouldn’t have to spend the day in their little condo. We were out of peanut butter so I baited the trap with some shredded cheese and made a little welcome mat with a dab of blackberry jam on the door. No mice today!!

9 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Susan in DE said

    Ah, two mice … one squeaky toy for each beagle boy! Unfortunately, they only squeak once, then they’re no fun anymore.

  2. Nancy in AZ said

    We have lovely things in the Phoenix area called roof rats. They hang out on roofs and in citrus trees. As they are always looking for water/moisture they bore out the insides of citrus and leave the shell. During the Summer of Carnage a couple of years ago, my husband caught 17 in a couple of weeks. Told him if they got in the attic through the vent pipes on the roof we would be moving. We ended up tearing down a shed they were living under.

  3. ClydesMom said

    Ugh. Fifteen years ago I had a “mouse episode” in my Chicago apartment. I’m STILL not over it!

  4. Radar's Sissy said

    at least you use humane traps

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