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Calendar news (coins, too)

Posted by laurie on October 25, 2010

First off, many thanks for all your kind words in response to Friday’s “Blogger’s Block.” I love my audience, you’re all great!

Second, a big thanks to Joe O’D who recommended TD Bank for our coin-counting needs. I went on Saturday with four large bags of coins. There was no fee to use their counting machine, and when one of the tellers saw how many coins I had, he came over and expedited it. I took home $208.91! But be warned, the bank is going to start charging 6% if you’re not a customer.

Third, I’ve selected the photos for the calendar! I’ll show them to you soon. Phillip had a great idea and that is to put your beagles’ names (including last if you’d like) and ages on the days of their birthdays (or adoption days, or any other day you might prefer.) You can post this in the comments or email me at dd @

Finally, Stanley’s new hobby is to bring Phillip’s socks downstairs. Since dogs don’t think to move stuff that’s in their way (imagine how enriched their lives could be if they did) Sherman fell asleep with his daddy’s sock on his nose.

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