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Calendar FAQs

Posted by laurie on October 28, 2010

Just a few answers to some questions about the calendar.

1. The calendar will cost $15 if you pay by check and a little more if you use PayPal (so I can offset their fee). Ron A. is VERY generously donating the printing and I’ll cover shipping to the US but will ask for a little extra to ship out of the country.

2. All proceeds will go to beagle rescue, and I’ll let you know later on which rescues when I get an idea of how much money we can raise. One rescue is definitely SOS Beagle Rescue, having blessed us with Clayton, Stanley and Sherman.

3. This weekend I will put together a mock-up of the calendar, order information, and an online sign-up sheet for your beagles’ birthdays. I’m having trouble organizing the data from your comments and emails, so I’ll ask everyone to re-enter their beagles’ dates on the upcoming sign-up sheet and you’ll have at least a week to do so.

4. I hope to ship the calendars by late November, and will keep you posted about that.

1. The cover photo of Scooter was Phillip’s idea. I lost track of the count of his good ideas many, many years ago.
2. How’s this for a coincidence: Ron A. works in the same town as Phillip!
3. Connie asked about site visits to the DD. It ranges from 600-900 on weekdays, about a third of that on the weekends. Lot of quiet people out there! Hope you’ll buy a calendar!

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Posted by laurie on October 28, 2010

Tuie the sheltie passed away on Tuesday, in her mom Sara’s arms. (Sara is Phillip’s sister.) She was 16. Since February, Sara had unselfishly devoted herself to extending Tu’s life and enhancing her quality of life. She gave her IVs and tube feedings, and it bought Tuie many more months of prancing and barking. Tu taught me what herding dogs are all about. When she’d stay with us she’d guard the door and if you went anywhere near it she would bark and do a little whirling dervish dance. You weren’t going to leave HER flock, oh no. She was a sweet and funny dog and everyone will miss her. I’m sure she’s met up with the boys by now.

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