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Calendar FAQs

Posted by laurie on October 28, 2010

Just a few answers to some questions about the calendar.

1. The calendar will cost $15 if you pay by check and a little more if you use PayPal (so I can offset their fee). Ron A. is VERY generously donating the printing and I’ll cover shipping to the US but will ask for a little extra to ship out of the country.

2. All proceeds will go to beagle rescue, and I’ll let you know later on which rescues when I get an idea of how much money we can raise. One rescue is definitely SOS Beagle Rescue, having blessed us with Clayton, Stanley and Sherman.

3. This weekend I will put together a mock-up of the calendar, order information, and an online sign-up sheet for your beagles’ birthdays. I’m having trouble organizing the data from your comments and emails, so I’ll ask everyone to re-enter their beagles’ dates on the upcoming sign-up sheet and you’ll have at least a week to do so.

4. I hope to ship the calendars by late November, and will keep you posted about that.

1. The cover photo of Scooter was Phillip’s idea. I lost track of the count of his good ideas many, many years ago.
2. How’s this for a coincidence: Ron A. works in the same town as Phillip!
3. Connie asked about site visits to the DD. It ranges from 600-900 on weekdays, about a third of that on the weekends. Lot of quiet people out there! Hope you’ll buy a calendar!

15 Responses to “Calendar FAQs”

  1. Julie Gill said

    Hi Laurie

    Great news about the calendar! Will we be able to buy one in England please? We’d love to have one!


    Derby, England

  2. Sam and Sweetum's Mom said

    Sounds great!!! as Tony the Tiger says. I will put up the rescue of Beagle Buddies in Indianapolis which fosters beagles and has had great success with those difficult to place beagles such as they were able to have adopted out within 2 days a blind older beagle. They do have a facebook page which keeps us updated on all the dogs in need. Interestingly, we did not get our rescues from there but from a rescue specializing in poms who just happen to have a beagle!
    I am one of your daily visitors…have to get my DD fix before starting class!

  3. Sue Van Oort said

    I am one of the quiet people, but plan to buy at least 1 calendar…..maybe more. Will they be ready for the holidays? Thanks! Sue..Sunny’s Mom

  4. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I plan to buy 2 calendars — looking forward to getting them!

  5. Tam said

    Yay! We’ll buy at least one of them.

  6. Suz said

    I’m so looking forward to the calendar! Such a great idea, thanks for doing this.

  7. Harper said

    Thanks Laurie for all the info!

  8. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    I volunter with We are an all breed rescue. Charlie and I are a foster family. Would love to be considered for a donation.
    Oh yah, can’t wait for the calendar.

  9. Cindy said

    Hooray—can’t wait for the calendar either!!! I am one of the “quiet” people who will buy one. My Beag Snickers thinks a calendar is a great idea too!!

  10. Marie said

    Can’t wait!!! Thanks so much for doing this!

  11. Katie & Charlie Beagles' Dads said

    I Love this idea,and hope that the donations are going to make a difference (I know they will) We will be looking forward to the order form on the sight ! Just so you know, we will be ordering ( at least ) 3 calendars , maybe more,, they are gonna be gifts to beagle lovers all over the Las Vegas valley ! We are so excited ( and the dogs are waiting with baited (stinky) beagle breath..
    ( We wouldn’t have it any other way in our house ! )

  12. Beaglemomx3 said

    We rescued all our beagles from SOS Beagle Rescue and would love for the money to go to them. We are in for 2 calendars.

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