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Posted by laurie on October 28, 2010

Tuie the sheltie passed away on Tuesday, in her mom Sara’s arms. (Sara is Phillip’s sister.) She was 16. Since February, Sara had unselfishly devoted herself to extending Tu’s life and enhancing her quality of life. She gave her IVs and tube feedings, and it bought Tuie many more months of prancing and barking. Tu taught me what herding dogs are all about. When she’d stay with us she’d guard the door and if you went anywhere near it she would bark and do a little whirling dervish dance. You weren’t going to leave HER flock, oh no. She was a sweet and funny dog and everyone will miss her. I’m sure she’s met up with the boys by now.

28 Responses to “Tuie”

  1. Martha M said

    My sympathies to Sara and the family. I know she’ll be missed. I love that picture of her with sweet Clayton.

  2. Darlene Main said

    So sorry to hear this…it seems lately there are a lot of dogs passing away….makes me want to go home and hug mine a little harder.

  3. Cecelia said

    My deepest sympathies to Tuie’s mom and dad. It is so hard to lose them.

  4. Jeri said

    I’m so sorry to hear about Tuie. It’s so unfair that these sweet beings live such short lives.

  5. K. Spivey said

    So sorry to hear this. She was a cutie-pie and I remember your posts about her.

  6. Rebeca said

    My condolences to Sara and her family. I’m so sorry for their loss.

  7. Tam said

    I am so sorry to hear this. She was a lovely dog; John and I always liked to hear about her, as John had Shelties growing up.

  8. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    My sympathies to Sara and her family on their loss. Sara can take comfort in knowing she did all she could to make Tuie’s last months joyful. I love that pic of Clayton and Tuie together.

  9. Lynne said

    So sorry to hear about Tuie and my condolences to her family. I always enjoyed DD posts about her. I am sure that she, Clayton, Spenser, and Scooter are running through fields of grass at Rainbow bridge.

  10. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    My sympathies to Sara and family. You are in our thoughts & prayers

  11. Lois said

    my sympathies to Sara & family. Love the picture of Tuie & Clayton – Hope Tuie is happily herding Clayton, Spenser & Scooter at Rainbow Bridge!

  12. Harper said

    My sympathies to Sara & family also.

  13. Carol said

    Our sympathies to all those who love Tuie. Great picture of Clayton and Tuie, wonder what they are looking at?

  14. Laura said

    I am so sorry about Tuie

  15. Marie said

    Sorry to hear about Tuie. What a beauty! Condolences to Tuie’s family.

  16. Susan in DE said

    Deepest condolences to Sara and family on your loss of Tuie, what a cutie. I went back to the DD Archives to find what I thought was my favorite Tuie photo of all times, and turns out it was Rosalie and not Tuie …. but I had to post a link because it’s so hilarious:

    Ah, the good old days and the good old dogs. :->

  17. Brandy & Hammy's Mom said

    Oh goodness, this is indeed sad news. How beautiful she was. Condolences to Sara & family. Tuie is in good company! 🙂

  18. ChristyACB said

    I’m so sorry for Sara’s loss! What a wonderful thing she did by working so hard to give her just a bit more happy time.

    It doesn’t seem fair that the most generous, loving and joyous beings this earth has..Dogs..have such short lives.

    I love the photo of them together. Oh how I miss seeing Clayton…

  19. Scott said

    Sympathies to Sara and her family. A devoted dog owner and a devoted dog. That’s a nice memory.

  20. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    I’m so sorry to hear of Tuie’s passing. Another of the very large extended pack has moved on to the bridge.

    I have to say that your family – both sides – are some of the kindest, most responsible dog owners I’ve ever seen. If everyone looked after their two- and four-legged packs as well as you guys do, the world would truly be a better place.

    • Eleanore said

      I have to agree with Cathy. You certainly are the kindest, most responsible dog owners.

      My condolences to Tuie’s family. He was a beautiful dog.

  21. Nancy in AZ said

    We’re so sorry for Sara’s big loss. We enjoyed knowing Tuie long distance. May Sara find peace in her heart knowing that she did everything possible for her companion to live a happy and full life.

  22. Dave Dwyer said

    Condolences to Tuie’s loved ones.

    I am reminded of how much I really miss Clayton. Even though I never had the honor to meet him.

  23. Paws for Thought said

    Our heartfelt condolences to all of Tuie’s family. And that is a very precious picture!

    Joe (Rusty the sheltie) & Elizabeth (Hildy and Caitlin the beagles)

  24. Nadine Wiseman said

    Dear Tui, I always had a soft-spot for her, having grown up with a sheltie. It’s all a bit sad, following on from the loss of Skipper…

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