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Paging Rod Serling

Posted by laurie on November 8, 2010

A bunch of years ago when I was visiting my sister in Oregon, she, my niece and I drove up to Seattle. While we were there I decided that I HAD to see Bill Gates’ mansion. At that point it was still under construction and I doubt he was living there, but who knows. Anyway, this was before the GPS so we had to use a map and had some trouble locating the neighborhood. I remember stopping people walking down the street to ask directions. They gladly obliged and we found the house. It’s on the lake and was at the bottom of a windy road which sported “Be careful of our children!” signs in addition to the delivery schedule of the various builders. We could only get a glimpse of the house but that was okay. I took lots of pictures and had them developed as soon as we got back to Portland. The pictures BEFORE Bill Gates’ house came out, and the pictures AFTER Bill Gates’ house came out, but not a single picture of Bill Gates’ house came out. Who knows? Maybe if you’re the richest person in the world you can pay someone to come up with that kind of hocus pocus. I think it was probably a fluke.

On Saturday Phillip put together his new weight bench and I got some very cute pictures of the boys helping him. When I attached the card reader to my computer on Sunday night there was NOTHING. Not a SINGLE picture. Sorry!

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