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Posted by laurie on November 22, 2010

Maggie slept over Saturday night when her parents went to Philadelphia. Courtneay ran the Philadelphia half marathon in a great time of 2:33! Way to go, Courtneay! Maggie destuffed one and a half toys but Mr. Fox remained indestructible.

She and Stan are good buddies but I think they’re doing it wrong?

39 Responses to “Maggie”

  1. Nancy J said

    Hmmm, looks like Maggie is doing that dominance thing. We have that happen now and then with our herd o’beagles, but the funniest of them all is Sugar. She does this, uh, exercise with a big stuff teddy bear. She normally falls flat on her face several times in the course of the–action. It’s a hoot.

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      Nancy, thank you for the laugh this morning. 🙂
      Our guys oftentimes reverse dominance roles if they partake in this, um…exercise. It’s very rare, and Kramer rarely stands for it, but it often leads to a fantastic game of chase should it happen.

  2. Nancy Prouser said

    Hey, everyone, today is Laurie’s birthday. I’ll leave it to her to tell you how many she’s had, but do join me in a cyber-round of Happy Birthday, Laurie!

  3. Kim Henry said

    Happy Birthday Laurie!!! From Kim, Gizmo, Maxine & Ferris

  4. Susan in DE said

    Too funny! This rarely happens at our house, but last year a friend got a Flyers hockey jersey for Jordan from Giggybites, our local dog bakery and marketplace (Josie won’t wear clothes or even a harness, she will fall over in a heap and fight to get it off). The second we put the Flyers jersey on him, Josie leapt on top of him — maybe she likes hockey players, maybe since it just came from the dog bakery he smelled like a giant biscuit, I don’t know … whatever it was, he was irresistable!

  5. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Happy Birthday, Laurie! 🙂

    At least Maggie isn’t dominating Stan the way our Onyx dominates her brother- she goes after his face and head, poor little guy.

  6. K. Spivey said

    Happy Bithday Laurie! Hope someone made you some pumpkin bread!

  7. Gretchen said

    Great picture-
    Happy Birthday Laurie

  8. Shardae said

    Happy Birthday Laurie!!!!

  9. bailey n gypsys dad said

    Happy Birthday Laurie!!!!

  10. Ellen said

    I was talking to my sister on the phone and busted out laughing when I saw the second picture. She thought I was nuts. Thanks for the laugh on a Monday morning. And Happy Birthday!

  11. Harper said

    Arroooo and Happy Birthday Laurie!
    Harper, Whisky Beagle, JD Lab, Tang the Cat, and Shotzy the new baby German Shepard…

  12. Elaine said

    Happy Birthday Laurie!

  13. Angela said

    Have a great birthday, Laurie, and thanks for the funny picture this morning!

  14. Patty in San Jose said

    Happy, happy birthday, Laurie! Hope you have a fantastic day and an awesome year! 🙂

  15. Steve said

    Maggie is definitely asserting dominance. One of my smaller female beagles (around 20 pounds) used to do that to the largest male beagle in the house (~40 lbs.). Snoopy was not pleased.

  16. Scott said

    My dog likes to pull the fur off stuffed animals, then rip em apart. Does MrFox not get ripped apart? How about the fur?

    • Loretta said

      Thanks, Scott, for commenting on Maggie’s first photo and ignoring her second one. Maggie is the first dog our “immediate” family has had, so I’m still mystified by the dominance exercise 😉 Signed, Maggie’s Gramma

    • Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      We bought one of the stuffingless toys for Onyx. I wasn’t sure how she would like it, because she loves killing her toys. But she really seems to like the new toy without stuffing, she folds it over onto itself and carries it in her mouth. And sometimes she meets us with it dangling from her mouth- like it’s dead. It’s such a relief to know I don’t have to clean up after this toy!

  17. Courtneay said

    That’s our little lady! (Needless to say, she’s been sleeping soundly–rousing herself only for meals and quick trips outside–ever since she got home!)

    Thanks again for taking such good care of her!

  18. Darlene Main said

    Happy Birthday!!

  19. Peggy said

    Happy Birthday, Laurie–with spins and aroooos from Pennygirl.

    Penny does the dominance dance with pillows, but sometimes gets stuck on top. C’est la vie.

  20. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Happy Birthday Laurie! Thanks for the Monday morning laugh, too!

  21. Lois said

    I’ll never forget the one seder we had where Andy decided to perform that “exercise” on a pillow – just as we were reading the plagues. His timing was impeccable: we were on the plague of “wild beasts.”

  22. Carol said

    Happy Birthday Laurie! Maggie is beautiful, I love her soulful eyes.

  23. Maureen said

    Happy birthday Laurie! Hope this is a great year for you!

  24. Sharon said

    Happy Birthday, Laurie. Hope you have a great year and thank you for all the wonderful beagle pictures. Your guys are precious!

  25. Rusty Man's Momma said

    Could it be that Maggie is displaying a new form of safe sex for all the world to see??

  26. ChristyACB said

    Happy Birthday, Laurie…a bit late!

    That picture is just a tad embarrassing for those

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