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Thanksgiving recap #1

Posted by laurie on November 29, 2010

First, my sincere sympathies to Beaglemomx3 and her family on the loss of Samantha. We all know how hard it is, and we will all keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

I know I promised you a video of Stanley and Moses, but Stan seems to have chewed up the cable which connects the camera to the computer so you’ll have to wait a few days…

Our Thanksgiving was much happier than everyone looks in this photo! That’s Phillip’s mother Gitty with her great-grandson Coleman. Cole’s mom Gabrielle is on the right, and in the middle is Sherman and Maia. He glued himself onto her within minutes of arriving!

13 Responses to “Thanksgiving recap #1”

  1. Susan in DE said

    My sympathy to Beaglemomx3 and her family on the loss of Samantha, how incredibly sad. :-< She'll be in your heart forever.

  2. Sue Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    So sorry to hear about your loss Beaglemomx3. I know how very hard it is, we love them all. Remember what a good life you gave her and that she gave you. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  3. My heart goes out to Beaglemomx3. I know how difficult it is, and my sincerest condolences to the entire family.

    On a cheerier note, Laurie, your amazing calendar arrived in today’s post. I love it. Thank you for adding Lola’s, Trumbo’s and that troublemaker’s name, what is now? That’s right, Alvah Bessie birthdays to the calendar.


  4. Harper said

    Stan chewed up the cable? Is he trying to tell you that he’d rather not be in the movies?
    : )

  5. Beaglemomx3 said

    Thanks for all the loving comments. I appreciate you all so much. It truly helps through a difficult time. The house is so lonely with one less beagle and people that are not dog lovers do not understand. She was our noisy dominate one and the leader of the pack. Mable (number 2) and Daisy Mae (number 3) miss their sister but I can’t wait to see over the next few weeks what the pecking order will be. We have wonderful loving memories of our Samantha. Thanks again for all the wonderful comments and prayers.

    • Scott said

      Beaglemomx3 – my sympathies on your loss, and Mable and Daisy Mae’s loss too. Surely, Samantha had a true “beagle’s life” at your home. Plenty of treats, love, and Arhooos! As you wrote, you have plenty of loving memories. May they comfort you.

    • Angela said

      So sorry for your loss, Beaglemomx3. Miss Samantha has her wings now, and I’m sure she’s leading the angel beagle pack up in heaven!

  6. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    My calendars arrived today, and they are beautiful! The one I put in my cubicle at work will really brighten up my workspace. Many thanks again to Laurie, Ron, Philip, the beagle boys, and everyone else involved for a great project. I also hope this can become an annual fundraiser.

  7. Patty said


  8. Laura said

    Got my calendars today, love it!

  9. Martha M said

    I love mine, too!
    I love the picture of Sherman and Maia-he looks like he’s telling her a story.

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