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Thanksgiving recap #2

Posted by laurie on November 30, 2010

Talk about special walks! In Brooklyn you have to get dressed up. No mud boots here!

After walking the boys in the rain, I decided to lay down next to the fire to warm up. Next thing I knew, there was an English Mastiff who wanted scritchies. Let me tell you it’s not easy saying no to an English Mastiff who wants scritchies.

16 Responses to “Thanksgiving recap #2”

  1. Susan in DE said

    That picture of Laurie and Moses makes me glad I have “small” dogs (well, okay, I have jumbo 40 lb beagles, but they’re still small relative to Moses).

    My calendars arrived yesterday as well, and they’re lovely!! I have to wait to hang mine up at work because the other one is a gift for a co-worker, it’s going to kill me to resist for a few more weeks, though (even if it’s a 2011 calendar).

  2. Kim said

    I never realized just how big Moses is until you laid down there next to him. His head is HUGE!

  3. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Aww he loves his Auntie Laurie. Look at that face! Moses is happy too! LOL

  4. Harper said

    I received my calendars yesterday also! What a great way to brighten up a Monday.

    The pictures are even better in “person” and I love how the DOBs/Gotchas/Rememberances look.
    And still plenty of room to write in appointments/dates/etc.

    Thanks so much, Laurie, Ron, Phillip, Sherman, Stanley, and the Heavenly Trio.

  5. Patty in San Jose said

    I received my calendars yesterday when I got home from work. They are absolutely beautiful and can’t wait to put mine up and see my friend’s face when he opens his at Christmas! So happy! 🙂

  6. Angela said

    Wow, Moses is HUGE! Reminds of those “Photoshopped or Not?” photos. I know this one isn’t Photoshopped, just tiny Laurie and massive Mastiff!

  7. Lois said

    Got my calendar yesterday – it made my day! Will the Moses-Laurie duet make next year’s calendar?

  8. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    After making 40 (okay, 4) trips up and down the stairs this morning carrying 26-lb Lily (who is having back problems and is therefore supposed to take it easy*), I have to say that Moses is one BIG dog.


    • Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

      Cathy- Doesn’t that make you laugh when you’re told your beagle should take it easy? 🙂 Mid October Cobalt somehow injured one of his back legs (the vet thought he pulled a tendon) and then a couple weeks later, the same thing with the other back leg. We were told to keep him calm and still, and hopefully it will heal itself with the help of twice weekly laser treatments. I love our vet but she doesn’t own beagles! How do you keep them calm & still. And- if you succeed in keeping one still, how do you keep the healthy one from wanting to play with the other one? 🙂

    • Harper said

      Cathy & Cobalt&Onyx’s Mom: Our 90-lb lab pulled his tendons in his back legs… we couldn’t even keep him sedated when he had a cyst removed and he had to be restitched…. I would love to get the surgery for him, but he doesn’t crate, and if I had to keep him crated for a month for recovery, I would fear for his sanity; unless there was a way to put him in a healthy coma for a month, we’re out of luck 😦 We do manage his discomfort with Glucosomine & doggie aspirin; poor guy, he’s a Lab, all he wants to do is run and bounce!

  9. Carol said

    My calendar arrived!!! Love it, every picture warms my heart.
    Love and sympathy to Samantha’s family. Thankfully, she left you with many happy memories.

  10. Carol said

    When my in-laws lived in Brooklyn, our beagle girls had a difficult time with the lack of grassy patches to do their business on.

  11. K. Spivey said

    Got my calendar today. It’s beautiful! Thanks so much.

    As for you and Moses, aren’t you afraid you’ll get squashed into a pancake?

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