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Your Monday guests

Posted by laurie on December 6, 2010

I’ve been nagging Ron to send me a photo of Bailey and Gypsy. Another pair of cuties! I love the ticking.

See that long piece of paper? This is the receipt I got from the ATM at the bank (Wachovia) when I gave it a stack of 30 checks to deposit. It scans them, adds them up and prints this receipt with a teeny image of each check. I had almost 60 of your checks and I was only at the ATM for about 10 minutes. Very cool indeed. Even cooler is the amount of money we raised for rescue: over $2700!

16 Responses to “Your Monday guests”

  1. Martha M said

    Aw-sweet picture of Bailey and Gypsy! which is which?

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    So glad you’ve made so much money for beagle rescue!

    Bailey and Gypsy are a pair of sweeties!

  3. Kim Henry said

    $2700…That’s fantastic! Everyone who has seen the calendar in our home loves it. Yes, I hung it up already, lol! Bailey & Gypsy are adorable, but aren’t all beagles adorable?

  4. Kim said

    $2700 that is amazing and wonderful! Good job!

  5. bailey n gypsys dad said

    Bailey is the tri-color and Gypsy is the blue tick.
    Her ticking is awesome. Looks like shes wearing a sweater all year round! She has a couple of perfect circles in it too.
    Baileys cute too mind you…he’s the licker out of the two and he has ‘the face’. Gypsy will give you a cold wet nose in the face if shes feeling like it…
    But as Kim Henry said…all beagles are adorable!


    • Harper said

      I love the fact that Baily & Gypsy are snuggled together. Our beagle and lab don’t snuggle together; though the beagle will in fact jump in our laps to be scritched and will snuggle up (as well as taking up most of our queen-sized bed at night!).
      Remains to be seen if the german shepard will snuggle with anyone — all puppy so it’s all about play right now.

      $2700!!!!! That’s fantastic.

      • bailey n gypsys dad said

        yes…2 humans and 2 beagles in a king sized bed here…just barely makes it. They both ‘migrate’ a couple of times a night too, to make it that much more interesting.

        Funny story…we only had Bailey at the time. He used to always sleep with his back against me. Well one night I must have rolled to the middle of the bed and he slid along with me….then he stretched his legs out…and my wife hit the floor. Both Bailey and I were looking over the side of the bed at her on the floor….we can laugh about it now…it wasn’t funny at 2:45am. (yes, it was)

      • Martha M said

        Too funny! My husband won’t allow Shiloh in our room let alone on the bed…..of course, he’s working out of town during the week now……………………….

  6. Scott said

    Two Thousand Seven Hundred Dollars! AROOOOOOO!! GREAT! Think of all the beagles the funds will help. Amazing.

  7. Patty in San Jose said

    $2700!! That is fantastic and I’m sure it will be appreciated in these hard times. Congratulations and thank you again for all your hard work.

  8. Martha M said

    Here’s to the day when NO beagles need to be rescued!

  9. Sue Jodi & Barney's Mom said

    Ron, your kids are beautiful! We have two beags and they don’t even sleep on the same surface let alone snuggle. Oh I wish that they would. Thanks so much for all your help with this project!
    2700 Aroooooooossssss to the Kramer Klan & Ron

  10. Mavey's Mom said

    My beagle is a bluetick, they are beautiful!! (His full name is Maverick – like the car.)

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