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Their application to MENSA

Posted by laurie on December 15, 2010

Could someone please explain how they did this? And without overturning the coffee table? We are completely stumped.

18 Responses to “Their application to MENSA”

  1. Darlene Main said

    beagle magic!

  2. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    Well, we knew Beagles were smart! 🙂

    When Cobalt & Onyx were puppies, they got hold of one of my teddy bears (I collect bears). Somehow they managed to completely undress this little 6″ bear without hurting the bear or the outfit. I still can’t figure out how they did it.

    • Martha M said

      Last winter, Shiloh got a pink snuggie for Christmas and she hated it, but one night it was so cold I put it on her for her walk. The velcro attached at her back. On our walk she ran into my friend’s back yard (I used to go without a leash) to ‘check things out’as she usually did. I waited a bit, then called her and here she came SANS Snuggie!!! My friend found it between her deck and heat pump. Still scratching our heads over that.

  3. This is a good morning puzzle, and it looks like a Stanley endeavor. Alvah the JRT is a shorty and can walk under our coffee-table (it lacks a shelf unlike yours so that makes it a lot easier) so this would be a no brainer for him (he’s also chairman of his mensa chapter)but it’s usually Trumbo who likes to drag fleece and since we have a wide open space under the table, he’d be able to crouch down and feed it through. No clue how your guys did that.

  4. K. Spivey said

    My very first beagle Barney use to nap on the shelf under the coffee table.

  5. Shardae said

    My theory is that one of them ,probably stan the man, pushed it part of the way under the table and forgot about it. Then later on while on the other side of the table decided he wanted it and started pawing under the table to get it only to decide he did not want it after it was halfway through. Beagles can some how fit their sausage shaped bodies in the tightest places. I have seen my baby get half her body under the couch trying to get her ball and its only about 5 inches off the ground. Their determination is amazing!

  6. Susan in DE said

    I envision someone rolling around scratching his back, wriggling and grunting, and pushing it part way under by accident. Then someone (possibly the same someone) later pulling it the rest of the way through. The hardwood floor is nice and slick, I would have wondered more if there has been carpet under there.

  7. Peggy said

    The other night, Animal Planet showed a video of Belle the Beagle, getting on her hind legs, and pushing a kitchen chair to the counter, then jumping on the chair to grab a bag of treats on the counter.

    I guess the robe was pushed under, then partially pulled out the other side–not certain if this was a joint venture.

  8. Lynne said

    Beagle team work at its best!!!! I picture them using their paws to push and pull from the end of the table, it is near the end. And then they could grab with their mouths, one on each side to pull through and straighten out and then drop.

  9. artys mommy said

    I love how even the carpet/rug remains undisturbed… makes you wonder what our furry sweet little monsters are really up to when we are not around!

    Sometimes I see my beagle doing the silliest things when he thinks I’m not looking and as soon as we make eye contact he looks all embarrassed. Currently he’s sleeping on the couch next to me and whoofing in his sleep. Adorable!

  10. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Babushka combat crawl. Someone (I agree it was likely Stan) was wearing the snuggy blanket like a babushka (you know how they love to snuggle) and decided to scooch under the table to get the goodie that Sherman was chewing over on the other side.

    Now, how are we going to get the boys to tell us who guessed right?

  11. Jean said

    Beagles can do magic when you’re not looking. Our little girl was the typical beagle – ripped apart packages, her Christmas presents etc. But whenever she took something on the sly, it was always meticulously unwrapped. Nothing torn, no excessive slobber, nothing. Never could figure out how she managed it…

  12. Julia Morris said

    How, is one question. Even more mysterious is why.

  13. I agree – no one chewed the remotes! The table and contents are undisturbed – amazing. Your throw has definitely gone to the dogs.

  14. beaglemomx3 said

    Our beagles make our beds daily but, it is not as nice as this blanket is under the coffee table.

  15. Becky said

    I’m still trying to figure out how my 28 pound beagle, Gretchen, managed to get a KING SIZED comforter out TWO dog doors into the back yard. I imagine it took her quite awhile..

    • Ellen said

      I’m still trying to figure out how Shorty got three 12 packs of toilet paper out the doggy door. The yard looked like a snowstorm had hit after he got through chewing up all that TP.

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