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Today I bench pressed 85 lbs

Posted by laurie on December 22, 2010

There’s a dock at most scuba resorts, but this isn’t a scuba resort; it’s a resort with scuba so we swim out to the boat with our gear. Don’t worry, though, it’s no more than 4′ deep. The water was too rough for me on Monday so I stayed ashore and read on the beach.

The wind died down yesterday and the water was calmer so out I went. And was rewarded with Mr. Turtle here. He was clutching a large piece of coral and it reminded me of Stanley when he grabs onto his doggy bed. We miss the boys but they are just fine, according to Janine.

7 Responses to “Today I bench pressed 85 lbs”

  1. Sue Jodi & Barney's Mom said

    Again, beautiful, wish we were there pictures. Glad that the waters and wind subsided so that you could enjoy Mr. Turtle. Then again, I would take “reading on the beach” anytime! Continue to enjoy your vacation and safe travel back to the boys.

  2. radar's sissy said

    Awww… im sure the boys miss u tooo… that turtle is absolutely goregous!!! best wishes and happy holidays from radar and family

  3. Susan in DE said

    Ah, nice blue warm water. It’s nice vacationing by proxy if you’re not actually able to vacation yourself. :->

  4. Rita said

    TURTLES!! Love them tortuga’s.

  5. beaglemomx3 said

    In our house we call turtles Honu’s. My husband and I have visted Hawaii twice and that is their Hawaiian name. My daughter loves turtles. When we visit Hawaii we bring back many Honu type presents. I am jealous that you got to see one so up close. Enjoy the weather it is cold here in Tennessee. We are expecting significant snow fall on Christmas that is very unusual for Tennessee. We has our first ice/snow storm last week. We usually don’t get winter parcipitation until February.

    • Martha M said

      Same forecast in Richmond-we just KNEW this would be a mild/snowless winter since we were so nailed last year….Poor Shiloh is shorter than what we are supposed to get. (Plus, I teach school–what a WASTE of a snow day!! 🙂

  6. Jeri said

    Wow! what an awesome picture! I never get tired of looking at underwater pictures or watching shows about the ocean and undersea creatures.

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