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What snow?

Posted by laurie on December 29, 2010

This was on Monday, the day after the snow. Following his snowblowing, Phillip retired to the couch but came out long enough to walk through the trails he’d created.

On Tuesday he took the boys for a walk in the woods. Stanley had a blast, jumping like a deer through the snow, while Sherman followed in his daddy’s footsteps. Meanwhile, I had no place to run, because the path along the canal was under snow (and I don’t like running on pavement). I went to the mall instead and when I got home the boys greeted me but no Phillip. The snowblower was missing. He came back about an hour later having — GET THIS — snowblowed a .8 mile loop 1/4 mile from the house. I know, I know, he’s a maniac! Whatever he sets his mind to, he accomplishes. Today we’re all going out to the trail, he’ll take the boys and I’ll run. I’ll be sure to pack a camera so stay tuned for tomorrow.

9 Responses to “What snow?”

  1. K. Spivey said

    Phillip looks like he’s freezing to death!

  2. Trixie's Mom said

    He snowblowed (snowblew?) a trail for you to run? Awww. THAT’S love. What a sweetheart you have, Laurie!

  3. Scott said

    Moses leading his lost flock through the wilderness…..

  4. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    what a guy~

  5. Tinkerbell's Mama said

    Philip is the man! What a great guy! Enjoy the snow! It’s 70 degrees here in Miami…

  6. Nancy in AZ said

    Whew, there for a second it started to sound like a crime novel. Glad someone didn’t kidnap Phillip and the snowblower!

    Here in Arizona we’re enjoying rain and we may get a freeze warning in the next couple of days.

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