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Posted by laurie on January 31, 2011

Martha posted on Friday that Shiloh has passed away. We’re all so sorry, Martha. Most of us know the pain and wish we could each take a little bit of your burden. Although they leave our day-to-day lives, they never leave our hearts. May she rest in peace.

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The brave snow dogs

Posted by laurie on January 28, 2011

I think this has “January 2012” written all over it, do you agree? I had a lovely day yesterday. I hung around the house, finished a book, took a nap, went outside with the boys, did my Saturday grocery shopping. It amazes me how the roads can be clear and dry just hours after the snow ends. I know that is not the case everywhere and I can’t imagine what this is costing our poor town (pun intended). But I admit it – I love the snow! It’s a winter wonderland!

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Posted by laurie on January 27, 2011

More snow! We’re getting good at this! Phillip was out by 6:15 doing the driveway and yard, and I got the cars cleaned off. It’s a wet snow as you can see by these branches. He was off to work by 8:15. As for me, Princeton is closed for the day and the couch awaits!

“Husband in the Snow”

“Beagle in the Snow”

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Like father, like son

Posted by laurie on January 26, 2011

First off, let me just say that Phillip trimmed Stan’s nails on Sunday. These are embarrassing not to mention scary.

The other night I was in bed reading when I heard that distinctive sound which is Stanley chewing on a bottle cap. I got out of bed and walked to the stairs where he was busy noshing. Seeing me, he immediately ran away, so, having done my part I called to Phillip to take over from there. (Phillip has a way with Stanley and bottle caps.) The next thing I hear is, “he brought a frozen poop inside!” Well, I don’t exactly know what they sound like but I was pretty confident in my analysis of the situation. Phillip went for a paper towel and when he came back and Stanley dropped the bottle cap, right next to the poopsicle. Good boys!

Diet Mt. Dew cans would be a lot safer.

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All suited up

Posted by laurie on January 25, 2011

Phillip is a busy man. Not only does he have that pesky day job, but he is out 2-4 nights each week attending various political and civic meetings. He tries to eat dinner with me, and he likes to walk the boys if he can get home while it’s still light. That’s where he was here, with the top half of him dressed for work/meetings, and the bottom half of him outfitted for the trail. (He was also in a rush which accounts for his slightly annoyed expression.)

The snow doesn’t look too deep here, but walking was rather difficult, as I sunk in a couple of inches every step. Phillip made me join him on Saturday but released me on Sunday.

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All together, now…

Posted by laurie on January 24, 2011

“…Awwwwwwww!” I hope this brightens up your Monday!

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Posted by laurie on January 21, 2011

Clayton was indeed the master of “the pose,” don’t you think? He’s looking up at the treat cabinet, and every time Stanley does the same thing I think about my little guy.

We lost Clayton a year and five days ago. This picture is from 2000, I think. Oh, how we miss him, but oh, how lucky we were to have him for 14-1/2 years. He’s probably still at the all-you-can-eat buffet in beagle heaven, not having left since he got there.

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Carrot scene: take 1..9

Posted by laurie on January 20, 2011

These were the pictures I took, in order, of Stanley eating the carrot. For those of you who wonder how I get the good pictures, it’s because I take a whole lot of them! And for those of you who bemoan the fact that your beagle(s) don’t like having their picture taken, my advice is to just keep taking a whole lot of them and they’ll get used to the camera. My favorite picture here is actually the last one, where Stan is looking hopefully up at the counter, wondering if there is more. This SO reminds me of Clayton, who was the master of this pose.

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Who’s the boss today?

Posted by laurie on January 19, 2011

Sometimes Sherman is more interested in asserting his dominance than at others. Shmeckel sniffing is definitely a sign, even if Stanley is attempting to stand over him at the time.

I never get tired of watching how their dominance games play out. As long as they’re friendly, of course.

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Get some black and white and we’ll be twins!

Posted by laurie on January 18, 2011

Just a couple more closets you’ll have seen our entire house! And as you can see, Phillip is quite fortunate to have his own personal stylist and dresser.

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