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Sherm and Stan wish you a Happy New Year!

Posted by laurie on January 3, 2011

I’ll have some New Years Eve photos tomorrow and Wednesday but thought this was a particularly lovely one to welcome the new year. I am back to work today after 19 days off. Hopefully I will have found my parking lot, etc.

Yesterday we brought biscotti to our neighbors. They were very happy to see us and apologized for not stopping by. I completely understand, as they have an almost 3-year old and a 6-month old. She works in the city (NYC). And drives in! I can’t stand even taking the train to New York. Anyway, while Dave was taking Phillip on a tour of the 200+ year old farmhouse I chatted with Karen. “I hope the dogs don’t bother you too much”, I said. “No no, I grew up in the country, I’m used to dogs. What kind of dogs do you have?”. “They’re beagles?” I answered, hopefully. “Oh, I thought so! My uncle bred beagles and they sound just like them!” I took this as a positive sign. All that worry for nothing!

13 Responses to “Sherm and Stan wish you a Happy New Year!”

  1. Linda UK said

    Happy New Year to the Kramer household! The calendar is looking great on the kitchen wall, THANK YOU!

  2. Happy New Year! What a wonderful treat to usher in 2011 with such handsome boys!

  3. Ellen said

    Wow, that is so cute. Did you pose them or just happen to catch them like that?

  4. Sue, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Happy New Year to all the BOTW family. Awww so glad you visit with the neighbors worked out. seeeee

  5. Scott said

    Looks like we have a “month” for next year’s calendar! AND….just think Stanley and Sherman just might be from your neighbor’s uncle’s (grammer, eh?) beagle breeding lineage (sp?).

  6. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I am enjoying the calendars (one in the kitchen at home and one at work). Our friend Dennis was happy to get his calendar for Christmas, too!

    I know how hard it is to go back to work after a vacation. Lori and I will be going back tomorrow after 12 days off (sigh!)

    I agree with Scott – today’s DD is definitely a “month” pic for next year’s calendar!

  7. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    What a great photo of the boys – I don’t know how you do it!

    Ever since our first beagle back in 1989, people who see them often comment that they had a beagle as a child or that some relative bred them. Just the other day a guy came over to do some work on the house and was happy to hear my Lily sounding the alert as he approached the house. He said that arooo reminded him of his childhood beagle and all the good memories.

    So all that beagle noise? It’s a public service!

    • Susan in DE said

      And that beagle noise fools the neighbors … just the other day our neighbors a few doors down mentioned they thought we’d left Josie in the yard and she was baying to come in (what bad dog parents they think we are!). I had to explain that she races out the dog door after dinner to bellow at the stray cats and it’s a struggle to get her to come back into the house! Little monsters, they fool everyone.

  8. Angela said

    GREAT picture of the boys! I love the pose. Stanley is probably in the process of “standing over,” but still!

  9. Peggy said

    Same here–we’ve even had firefighters ( who came to give Mom oxygen) comment that ” I had a Beagle as a kid. This happened three years ago, and one of the crew saw the bumper sticker on Mom’s bedroom door, and read it aloud: ‘ My Beagle is smarter than our President” then said ” She’s right”.

    Your Boys are both so handsome.

  10. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    And to the Kramer family a Happy New Year as well. The calendar is wonderful on my cubby wall at work. Makes me smile. 🙂

  11. Vivian said

    Absolutely lovely picture of the boys!

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