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Posted by laurie on January 6, 2011

Yesterday we joined three busloads of Rush Holt supporters and went to Washington for his swearing in to his seventh term in Congress. We were in a large room in an annex of the Library of Congress. The program was about an hour, with several speakers, the Princeton Girls Choir, and The New Yorker’s poetry editor (and poet). Nancy Pelosi was set to swear him in (I should note that it was not the “official” swearing-in, which occurred a little later on the House floor) and when she arrived in our room another speaker was droning on. Because the gentleman had mistaken us as Pennsylvanians, you could tell everyone was afraid he would drone on forever. Ms. Pelosi stood patiently about 10 feet from us. Someone asked for their picture with her and when they were done I got up my nerve and walked over to her. She didn’t see me and I wanted to tap her on the arm but you don’t tap the Speaker of the House on the arm now, do you? So there I was, almost tapping, when Phillip got her attention and said, “Madame Speaker, may I take a picture of you with my wife?” And there you have it! She was very gracious and I was completely thrilled for the rest of the day.

P.S. to my friends not in the U.S.: Nancy Pelosi was, until yesterday, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives. She was the first woman to hold that role. She was re-elected as a Representative and now is the House Minority Leader.

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