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My book club

Posted by laurie on January 11, 2011

I got off the couch a few times last weekend, most notably to go to a Dar Williams concert, but the rest of the time you could find me here, reading a John Grisham novel (and feeling just a tad guilty about it).

P.S. Joe O’D asked why Phillip is shortening his ties. It’s because he’s short. In order to place the tie correctly the back becomes longer than the front. Tucking it in leaves a bulge. There you have it.

10 Responses to “My book club”

  1. I have a similar book club! I just finished reading the latest Stephen King book Full Dark No Stars on my Kindle. The first story was very, very good. Do feel that you read more on the Kindle? I recently discovered Olen Steinhauer and read nearly 750 pages in three days. Great writer, but I think on the Kindle you go through books faster.

    • laurie said

      Yes, Rebeca, I do read more on the Kindle. The process of acquiring books is so much easier that I go from one book to the next with no time in between.

      • Jenmo said

        Agree on the reading faster, I just got a new Kindle for Christmas and have already read 4, almost 5 books. And one was a Grisham. 🙂

  2. Karen S. said

    It’s hard to read a map with a beagle on your lap!

  3. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Glad to see that the supervisors are on the job! I love my Nook, but your boys seem more interested in reading than mine. 🙂

    • Harper said

      I love my Nook too; but my husband recently told me that he was reading reports on the Kindle and it’s considered the best ereader out there. (It does all kinds of stuff, as does the new ColorNook — I simply replied, I just want to use my Nook to READ not surf the web! 🙂 ) — although I must admit the most frustrating thing about my Nook is that it has an update, and I’m not close enough to a B&N to go in a wireless download; and the download on my PC didn’t work! ARRRGGGG. And yes, I read more too with the Nook (usually, when I’m not having technical difficulties).
      Robert Crais’ newest Joe Pike Novel is out TODAY (#3 in the J. Pike series).

      • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

        if we were closer we could exchange books 🙂 Thanks for the info about the series.

      • Tamara said

        I love my nook, and did a lot of research before choosing it over the kindle. For what I want, nook is better. I won’t be purchasing the colornook, as that defeats the purpose, in my opinion.

      • Harper said

        Sue, so you’re a Robert Crais fan? I love Elvis Cole, but must admit, like Joe Pike just as much! I wonder if there’s a way to exchange books over the B&N website?

        Tamara: Ditto. My best friend got her dad the Nook over a year ago — she did all the research on Nook & Kindle; I told my husband that the Nook was for me — exactly like you said on the Nook Color (I got it wrong in my earlier post) — I want to READ IT LIKE A BOOK 🙂 Plus, if I had to research the ereaders and had too many choices, I’d never make up my mind!

  4. Susan in DE said

    Sherm looks like the photo op is disturbing his nap. I wouldn’t be able to breathe if either of my jumbo beagles were to sleep on top of me.

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