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Posted by laurie on January 14, 2011

Do you take off your beagles’ collars at night? We do. And I’m just slightly embarrassed to say that we refer to this as “putting on their PJs.”

Here’s an even better one. Since Phillip does just about all of the dog walking, I try to help out by putting their harnesses and tracking collars on (and off). Phillip tells me when by announcing, “Suit ’em up!” As is not uncommon around here, the pronunciation disintegrated into the medical vernacular and now the order has become, “Psuedomonas!” Pseudomonas is “a genus of gamma proteobacteria, belonging to the larger family of pseudomonads.” So the next time you hear the word “Pseudomonas!” don’t think of bacteria, but instead remember to harness up your beagles.

42 Responses to “Pseudomonas!”

  1. Julie Gill said

    We take our Beagle’s collars off as soon as they come back from their late afternoon walk and we refer to it as taking their corsets off!!! Even more silly, we call their collars Colly Bollys – must be something to do with owning Beagles, affects the brain you know!

    JB & Cassies Mum
    Derby, England

  2. Rebecca said

    When we harness up the Beagles we refer to it as “getting dressed”. For some reason when we harness up the Dachshunds – two mini females – it is called “putting your jewelry on”. Yeah, we’re nuts, too 🙂

  3. Shardae said

    It must be a beagle thing because I call my baby’s her necklace and I only put it on when I take her out because she is a bit of a tomboy and can’t stand jewelry or coats or harnesses or anything else on her body.

  4. Sammie & Freckles beagles said

    I leave collars on all the time, but 1 wears a handkerchief on his neck, and I “take his clothes off” when he goes to bed. Then he “gets dressed” in the morning.

  5. Ellen said

    Our beagles have their collars on all the time. If I take them off, and hold them in front of them, they try to get it put back on. I think they know it means they belong here.

    • Eleanore said

      My Lucky and Heidi have their collars on most of the time, but if I do take them off they also try to get back in them. They get excited when I touch their harness too. Sometimes they try to get in the same harness.

  6. Joan said

    We take their collars off in the house. Their collars have “tag bags” to keep their tags from jingling. I walk them very early in the morning and in the spring and summer if dogs inside houses hear the tags jingling they start barking. I also think that if I had a dog’s hearing ability, I wouldn’t want to hear the jingling all the time.

  7. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I always remove Cody and Henry’s collars at night. During the day when I’m at work Cody has to stay in his kennel (he’s proven many times he can’t be trusted out of it when nobody’s home!), and I remove his collar before kenneling. Henry behaves pretty well in the house when no one is home, so his collar stays on during the day. I’m a nutty beagle mom, too – usually refer to them as “my boys” or “my guyzos”!

  8. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    We call their collars Clothes. Their collars are off all the time in the house. We figure we wouldn’t like to have to wear them, so why should they? Anytime they are out and about though, their clothes are on! 🙂

  9. Djuna's Grandma said

    Mia’s collar is off only for baths. Even during drying time before she suits up again she all but puts herself under my daughter’s skin. She is a rescue who had a really rough life on the streets and the collar means she belongs to her; she does not want anyone to forget that. (Not that we ever could–she is a family member)

  10. bailey n gypsys dad said

    Collars off at our house only means one thing…BATH TIME! RUN! HIDE!

    • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      Ditto….we say “lets get naked” LOL

      • Anne, Gunner and Bailey's mom said

        3rd that motion, I’ve tried to catch too many strays with no collars with no luck so collars are on all the time plus micro chips. When we take the collars off their ears completely flatten down since they know it’s bath time!

  11. Darlene Main said

    We leave Terra’s collar off in the house all the time but we leave Petey’s on in the day since he is deaf and we are worried if he got out he would have no ID on him. We take his collar off at night though. We when go for walks we say let’s “harness” them up!

  12. Karen S. said

    My 3 dogs wear their collars at all time. If we have to evacuate for a fire or some other emergency, I don’t want to have to hunt up and put on their collars.

    • Eleanore said

      Karen, that’s why I leave my dogs collars on all the time. I always worry if there was some emergency it would be safer that way.

      • Scott said

        My beagle-mix loves to run out of the house at any opportunity – like a door cracked 1/4 inch! So, I don’t ever take collar off. The points about emergency exit are very good. I had not thought of that.

      • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

        I agree with all those reasons, the collars stay ON!

  13. Maureen said

    Only Jake gets “naked time”….Lily must be clothed at all times (we are afraid of her getting out of the house and running! I must admit, the older Jake gets the more “naked time” he gets. He barely wears his collar especially in the hot Texas summers!

  14. Nancy in AZ said

    Herbie has collar on at all times. His tags are his ‘medals’.

    The sound of pseudomonas reminds us of a favorite cucumber dish, sunomono.

  15. Suit ’em up is a common expression here. The only two who wear no pull harnesses is the beagle and the lab. The beagle has what we call a redundancy collar and harness. Once they’re all indoors, they don’t wear collars. They’re constantly jumping around and we’re afraid of potential hanging and/or choking accidents.

  16. C Siding said

    the expression start as “suit ’em up” then became “suit ’em up pseudomonas” and now has morphed to psuedomonas. the reason i take off the collars is so that hey can scratch.

  17. Lois said

    Sherry always wears her collar – unless it’s bath time. She’s never tried to escape, but if she ever did, I’d want her tags with her! THe harness stays on most of the time, mainly because my husband, who usually walks her, seems unable to get her harness on.

  18. Snuggle Beags said

    We call our beagles’ collars their “pants.” When one of them gets up to party in the middle of the night and starts jingling around the house, it’s not uncommon for me to throw an elbow at my boyfriend and tell him, “Go take their pants off!”

  19. Susan in DE said

    While I do worry about emergencies/escapes with no collars/ID, I will admit that Josie and Jordan never wear collars unless we’re taking them out (We have a very private fenced yard with dog door and both dogs are microchipped, for what that’s worth). When we first got Josie, her collar was on all the time, and I was horrified to find a huge hot spot on the front of her neck in August, under all the folds of skin. I didn’t even know it was there. :-<

    The term in our house for putting on collars and harnesses is, "Saddle up, hound dawgies!" I actually have a song that they recognize that goes, "Do you wanna …? Are we gonna ….? Go for a walkie-walk!!" and they both go nuts. I've recently discovered that they recognize the tune more than the words. I can sing the same words to a different tune and they do not respond, or I can sing any old words to the regular tune and they run for where their leashes are stashed.

    • Susan in DE said

      PS – We also have the “Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer” bags around their tags. It’s also handy if you take the dogs on vacation with you (and then they do wear their collars 24/7), you can tuck a piece of paper in with your vacation contact/location info and dates, etc.

  20. Julia Morris said

    It’s sad that I actually recognized pseudomonas. When I read the title, I presumed someone had an infection.

  21. Ellen said

    I worry about things like emergencies. And someone opening the gate and letting them out. I can also tell by the sounds of their tags which dog is wandering around.

  22. Scooby's Mom said

    Scooby doesn’t wear a collar unless we take him out or if we are staying at his Grandma’s for vacation. Since Grandma lives in a different city, he always wears his collar when we’re there.

    When putting on his collar he is “getting dressed”, and when taking it off he is “getting naked”. And when we put a bandana on him we call it “getting handsome”.

  23. We have had so many beagles get away from their foster parents, we require them to keep collars on the beagles at all times! Even during bathing! Nothing worse than a lost beagle!

    • Karen S. said

      Yes, and the worst nightmare is a lost new beagle, who doesn’t know where home is, or worse, whom he can trust. It’s also a good idea to keep a bell on a new beagle until he understands these things..

  24. Spunky's Mom said

    Spunky usually only wears her collar when we take her for her daily walk or if we are going somewhere (grandma’s, etc.) or on vacation. We call it her “pretty”, I think because we used to tell her how pretty she was with it on so she’d like wearing it. When it’s time for her walk we say, “Where’s your pretty?” and she gets all excited. One of her nails got caught in the ring that holds the tags one day – she was lying immobile on the living room floor and kept looking at me like she was being punished until I finally figured out what was wrong. Since then, I’m afraid to leave it on her when we’re not home with her in case she gets “stuck” again and hurts herself.

  25. Bean's Buddy said

    Pseudomonas! That’s pretty funny. If you ever get a couple of reptiles (e.g. iguanas) as pets, you could name them Sam and Ella.

  26. Wendy said

    We take Scooter’s off at home, especially as his last two homes have been apartments, so he can’t escape to anywhere. However, when we take him to someone else’s house, especially a new place, we leave it on so we can hear where he is by the tag rattle – he’s very nosy/curious in a new environment of course (like any scent hound!) When we put the harness and leash on, we call it “saddling him up.” He is very cooperative and lifts his paws and shifts his weight as needed.

  27. Nadine Wiseman said

    We’ve always changed our dogs into night-time collars (looser than their day-time ones), and we call these their Pyjamas. Howard once pulled out a night-time collar from a bag and said “What are these doing in here?”- using the plural because that’s what you do for PJs!!

    Mum made them polar fleece coats to wear to bed in winter, which she calls their “nighties”.

    We’ve had major floods here in Brisbane as you may know. Currently we’ve sent one basset to my parents are are minding a Jack Russell for friends as their house was flooded. We are high enough up the hill to be OK.

    • Eleanore said

      They show the flooding on TV often and it really looks bad. Take care and be very careful even though you are up high. Good luck. Stay safe and the doggies too.

  28. Laura said

    Yes we always remove collars at night, too much jingling!

  29. ChristyACB said

    Seems like lots of folks are like me, worried about emergencies and beagle break outs! LOL.

    My goggies keep them on almost all the time. One exception is that Boscoe might, at night once we are in bed, get to “sleep nekkie?”. At first it made him nervous, like I was going to ditch him. After I would rub around his neck where the collar was he got to like taking it off for special rubs. But it is only when we are up in bed, door closed and it stays within my arm’s reach just in case. It goes back on the moment we wake up.

    When I put their harnesses on we call it, “put your dainties on” and they know it means walkies. LOL. “Take off your dainties (or pantaloons)” is what we do when we come home.

    I wonder if all beagle owned humans are this nutty?

  30. Harper said

    Yes, I think all beagle (and other breeds) owned humans are nutty! 🙂 We call Whisky’s collar/tags her “bling”. When we take it off to adjust, or changes collars, or add tags, she gets wiggly and wants it back on immediately. I rarely take hers off (baths, when inside, old collar on when outside bathing) — I don’t want to chance losing her with no ID. She’ll be getting her microchip here soon; just haven’t gotten her down to the vets — her shots are due in May or July so I’ll have it done then.
    And yes, I can tell which dog is where by the jingling of the blings!
    We also have the name plates (rivets into the collars) so we have redundent tags, in case the dangling tags fall off.

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