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Posted by laurie on January 17, 2011

Remember the days of film cameras? And accidentally exposing the film, ruining the whole kit and kaboodle? Well yesterday we had a nice outdoor photo shoot in what remains of the snow, only for me to discover later that I hadn’t inserted the memory card all the way into my camera. So with no daylight left I brought the camera into the kitchen for salad preparation and I offer you this: Stanley eating a carrot.

17 Responses to “Oops”

  1. Martha M said

    That face would make a great caption contest! Shiloh wouldn’t eat a vegetable unless it was covered in beef gravy!!!

  2. Karen S. said

    My dogs love carrots. They’d eat the whole bag if I let them.

    • Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

      My guys love carrots too! 🙂 And, that face makes up for any memory card no inserted. 🙂

      • Angela said

        I agree! How I love that sweet, funny face! I seriously want to kiss my computer screen this morning, but alas, I’m at work, and my co-workers would think I’m nuts. 🙂

  3. Susan in DE said

    The funniest selective veggie eating story at our house involved Jordan and an unattended side salad. It contained the usual basic salad stuff — lettuce, shredded carrots, croutons, cherry tomatoes, bleu cheese dressing and a sprinkling of shredded cheese. I put it on the table, went to finish preparing dinner, came back out and saw a few scraps of lettuce on the floor (the chair was pulled out from the table, that was the mistake). All that was left in the cleanly licked bowl was a small pile of cherry tomatoes (each with one fangy puncture hole – obviously tasted and discarded in disgust) with a garnish of beagle hair on top.

    • Angela said

      I love it! A beagle will at least taste everything!

    • Darlene Main said

      too funny!

    • Peggy said

      Susan, that’s a Beagle Classic. Reminds me of the time our first Beagle stole the pork chops in tomato sauce–we were little, Dad had worked late, and just as they sat down, my youngest sister began to cry–Parents run upstairs, abandoning pork chops. On their return, no pork chops, but an oh so innocent looking Beagle (Sniffy) sleeping by the kitchen table, with a ring of tomato sauce on her muzzle.

      • Susan in DE said

        LOL … too funny! Josie stole a hamburger roll off a plate Rob put on the patio table, and did it in the three seconds it took him to turn around to the grill with the spatula to get the burger he was going to put on the roll. He chased her down stairs, and by the time he got there only about 6 steps behind her, she was innocently sleeping on the sofa curled up in a little ball — except she was smiling and sucking the bread out of her teeth. They’re not very good liars.

  4. Gloria said

    Our Suzie also loves carrots. During her first summer with us,she discovered my garden and systematically dug up carrots and ate them.
    As a result we had to add a fence. The things we do to accomodate our babies!

  5. Tonya said

    Love the wet nose!

  6. Sue said

    I’m just glad you share photos everyday. Love those beagle guys!

  7. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    That face is priceless. What a neat photo. Mine are very camera shy. Of course, they love veggies, just not lettuce 🙂

  8. Bailey n Gypsy's Dad said

    hmm carrots…Gypsy just barfed her dinner up to gain sympathy and said carrots..those carrots were cooking in a pot roast! and yes, she got some pot roast and carrots to make up for the lost calories.. Bailey just got some cause he looked so pathetic..
    so much for no table food…

    and YES! I remember film. I have to…but you knew that…

    • Martha M said

      B n G’s dad–I LOVE your picture of your doggies-I’m assuming Bailey and Gypsy–(I know, I’m pretty sharp this morning) Such sweet faces!

  9. Lois said

    Every beagle I’ve had has stolen things off the table.

  10. Harper said

    All our pups love carrots. Poor Whisky has been a bit achy lately, so I’ve been giving her half doses of aspirin.. and she eats it without me having to hide it!

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