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Who’s the boss today?

Posted by laurie on January 19, 2011

Sometimes Sherman is more interested in asserting his dominance than at others. Shmeckel sniffing is definitely a sign, even if Stanley is attempting to stand over him at the time.

I never get tired of watching how their dominance games play out. As long as they’re friendly, of course.

16 Responses to “Who’s the boss today?”

  1. Nancy J said

    I have to remember that word “shmeckel”. We use the highly technical term “pee-pee”. Our dominance dances are usually between the girl beagles and Scottie, the pirate, boy beagle. Unfortunately, they do not always play out peacefully. Girls, being girls, are very competitive and head-strong. Scottie, true to the pirates, is dashing, daring, and a weeee bit aggressive.

  2. Joe and Baxter's mom said

    As long as no ears, limbs, etc. get chewed off in the the process, I am ok with the games our boys play =)

  3. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    The dynamics are certainly different when you have a female in the mix. Our two are littermates, and Lily is definitely in charge of the big dumb boy dog. At the end of the day though, he’s still bigger and if she pushes too much, there’ll be snarling and she backs right off.

    And while we have only half of the shmeckel* sniffing, there’s always twinkie sniffing!

    *Previously known as wiener sniffing.

    • Susan in DE said

      Agree, girl dog Josie is definitely the one in charge while big dumb boy dog Jordan just goes with the flow. She’s very pushy with the sniffing, but when he does it to her, she alternates between flirty posing or just sitting down and pretending he’s not there. Otherwise, they really have a very tolerant relationship, they just kind of orbit around each other and don’t really directly interact — it’s kind of odd (Not that we didn’t have issues when we first brought Jordan home, but that’s another story.)

  4. Sue said

    Thanks for sharing. I love learning new terms like ‘Shmeckel’.


  5. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Barney just gives Jodi anything she wants, he doesn’t want to be “in charge”. He’s just an old soft sweetie. She on the other hand….. Yes, thank you for the new terminology.

  6. Angela said

    Haha, “schmeckel!” We, too, use the highly technical terms “wee wee” and “pee pee.” Endless entertainment, those funny little beagles!

  7. Our term is schwein. And the two boys do their share of sniffing. Alvah likes to hump Lola and then you get a whole different picture of the schwein. Come to think of it, my other JRT used to hump Lola with the same side-effect. I wonder if it’s a JRT thing?

  8. Nadine Wiseman said

    Perhaps schmeckel is specifically for Jewish beagles? We say “whizzle”. This whole conversation is making me blush!

  9. Martha M said

    I’m so jealous! (Not of the sniffing, of course,:-) but of the fact that I’ve never had two dogs at a time. I’d love to see the interaction. Now that my sweet Shiloh is old and confused, I would never introduce a new dog into the mix. But my wonderful husband of 24 years (and he really is wonderful) is not as thrilled about having dogs as I am. He grew up with a million of them in the country. As a kid, my family had one dog-a rescue beagle-mix whom I adored. My husband even stated recently after going through the bills from last year (Shiloh started getting sick last Feb, we have a daughter in college and Tom was unemployed for 1 1/2 years!) that “in the future we will NOT getting another dog!”
    My reply? “It’ll be WAY more expensive to get rid of a wife–I will NEVER be without a beagle…….a husband……?”

  10. Lori (Cody and Henry's aunt) said

    At our house it’s “deedle.” I don’t know how that started; my late mom thought of it years ago. And our Rowdy Boys do the same thing.

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Rowdy is right – at this moment, Cody and Henry are chasing each other around the house, up and down the hallway, and on and off the sofa. Cody’s kenneled all day when we’re at work, so the action starts as soon as we get home and he’s released. Every so often they stop a minute to do “the sniffing,” then the action starts again. I wish I had a recording of some of the sounds they make while roughhousing. Sometimes, if I didn’t know better, I’d swear they were killing each other! I do call a time-out, though, when things get too rough.

  11. Anne said

    Schmeckel, Deedle, Whizzle and schwein are way better than ‘thing’ or ‘yum yums’. What awesome sharing after a long snowy drive home! haha.

  12. Karen S. said

    Winkler. Definitely. btw, have you all heard of “mountain oysters”?

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