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Carrot scene: take 1..9

Posted by laurie on January 20, 2011

These were the pictures I took, in order, of Stanley eating the carrot. For those of you who wonder how I get the good pictures, it’s because I take a whole lot of them! And for those of you who bemoan the fact that your beagle(s) don’t like having their picture taken, my advice is to just keep taking a whole lot of them and they’ll get used to the camera. My favorite picture here is actually the last one, where Stan is looking hopefully up at the counter, wondering if there is more. This SO reminds me of Clayton, who was the master of this pose.

10 Responses to “Carrot scene: take 1..9”

  1. Ellen said

    I call that hopeful look the beagle mind meld. They are either trying to convince you to hand it to them, hoping you drop something, or trying to levitate it down to them.

    • Lois said

      Now I know what to call that look – “beagle mind meld.” We get that look frequently

      • Susan in DE said

        I’m sure all you beagle people have seen the Disney movie of “Underdog” (if not, go put it on your Netflix list right now). There’s the part where the teenager is in the kitchen, and the beagle is giving him that look and saying, “Give the dog your food, GIVE the dog your food!” and the kid says something like, “Sorry, you did not gain the power of hypnotism.”

  2. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    I also love how they look at YOU periodically as they chomp – they keep checking to see if you’re going to drop anything else.

    And yeah, when they’re done and compose their little faces into the very epitome of Deserving Personnel, that cracks me up.

  3. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Cody always watches when I’m eating anything. I tell him the rule is that he has to wait until I finish whatever is on the plate, and then he can lick whatever remains. (I make sure there is VERY little – mostly just enough to taste – because I don’t let my boys eat table scraps.) He’ll usually put his head on my knee or in my lap and look up at me with those beagle eyes, which prompts me to eat faster so he can have the promised plate!

  4. ChristyACB said

    Great pics! I like number 7 the best.

    Boscoe observes, very carefully, every morsel as it travels on the fork. He looks hopeful as it lifts, his ears slowly rise, the little jowlies quiver and then he looks dashed as it goes into the person’s mouth.

    It is so disconcerting for people, who find themselves feeling guilty for eating, that we have to give him a cookie and put him in the “baby room” while we eat with guests.

  5. Nancy in AZ said

    Laurie, I need some photography help. All my inside photos have glowing beagle eyes and have always attributed it to the flash. It looks like you’re using a flash. How do you get such great dog ‘eye’ photos? Thanks, Nancy

  6. Kelly Green said

    This is a marvelous series!

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