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Archive for January 26th, 2011

Like father, like son

Posted by laurie on January 26, 2011

First off, let me just say that Phillip trimmed Stan’s nails on Sunday. These are embarrassing not to mention scary.

The other night I was in bed reading when I heard that distinctive sound which is Stanley chewing on a bottle cap. I got out of bed and walked to the stairs where he was busy noshing. Seeing me, he immediately ran away, so, having done my part I called to Phillip to take over from there. (Phillip has a way with Stanley and bottle caps.) The next thing I hear is, “he brought a frozen poop inside!” Well, I don’t exactly know what they sound like but I was pretty confident in my analysis of the situation. Phillip went for a paper towel and when he came back and Stanley dropped the bottle cap, right next to the poopsicle. Good boys!

Diet Mt. Dew cans would be a lot safer.

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