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Posted by laurie on January 17, 2011

Remember the days of film cameras? And accidentally exposing the film, ruining the whole kit and kaboodle? Well yesterday we had a nice outdoor photo shoot in what remains of the snow, only for me to discover later that I hadn’t inserted the memory card all the way into my camera. So with no daylight left I brought the camera into the kitchen for salad preparation and I offer you this: Stanley eating a carrot.

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Posted by laurie on January 14, 2011

Do you take off your beagles’ collars at night? We do. And I’m just slightly embarrassed to say that we refer to this as “putting on their PJs.”

Here’s an even better one. Since Phillip does just about all of the dog walking, I try to help out by putting their harnesses and tracking collars on (and off). Phillip tells me when by announcing, “Suit ’em up!” As is not uncommon around here, the pronunciation disintegrated into the medical vernacular and now the order has become, “Psuedomonas!” Pseudomonas is “a genus of gamma proteobacteria, belonging to the larger family of pseudomonads.” So the next time you hear the word “Pseudomonas!” don’t think of bacteria, but instead remember to harness up your beagles.

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Winter wonderland

Posted by laurie on January 13, 2011

I have to say, this winter hasn’t bothered me. I attribute it to few factors, the first one being that I bought a down coat from Lands End. It’s amazingly warm. I’ve never been so warm in a coat before, and it only cost $129.

The second reason is that we have a remoter starter for my car. Phillip gets all the credit here; I didn’t want to spend the money on one but he insisted. The only time I get into a cold car is when I leave work (and I have my down coat on!)

As far as the snow goes, we’ve had three storms so far. Last weekend we got only a couple of inches, and the other two have been less than a foot. We’ve had several close to 2′ storms in the past few years, and by contrast these are just not so bad. Again, credit goes to Phillip for snowblowing the driveway and the yard. (I provide hot cocoa when he’s done.) Thank-you, dear!

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Snow day

Posted by laurie on January 12, 2011

Sunrise over 8-10″ of beautiful new snow.

Two boys not fazed in the least by all the white stuff.

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My book club

Posted by laurie on January 11, 2011

I got off the couch a few times last weekend, most notably to go to a Dar Williams concert, but the rest of the time you could find me here, reading a John Grisham novel (and feeling just a tad guilty about it).

P.S. Joe O’D asked why Phillip is shortening his ties. It’s because he’s short. In order to place the tie correctly the back becomes longer than the front. Tucking it in leaves a bulge. There you have it.

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And he sews, too!

Posted by laurie on January 10, 2011

On our first or second date I warned Phillip that I “don’t camp.” I should have warned him that I “don’t sew”, as well. I guess it’s not entirely true because I am able to sew a button or a simple hem. But when Phillip decided to shorten all his ties I told him to go to a tailor. He did but chose not to spend $5/tie so he found this cute little sewing machine on the web and bought it. And then proceeded to shorten his ties, all by himself!

P.S. the facial hair is gone.

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Rocky Raccoon

Posted by laurie on January 7, 2011

The stuffing-less fox toy has held up so well (even the squeakers still work) that I invested in a companion, a stuffing-less raccoon.

The winner of this week’s caption contest is Paws for Thought for “Hmmm….piquant, refined, with a hint of earthiness…reminds me of the ’07 Squirrel. I give it 92 points.”

The runner-up is Glizzie for “STUFF IT”??? Ohh, you’re going down, ‘coon. You’re. Going. DOWN.”

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Posted by laurie on January 6, 2011

Yesterday we joined three busloads of Rush Holt supporters and went to Washington for his swearing in to his seventh term in Congress. We were in a large room in an annex of the Library of Congress. The program was about an hour, with several speakers, the Princeton Girls Choir, and The New Yorker’s poetry editor (and poet). Nancy Pelosi was set to swear him in (I should note that it was not the “official” swearing-in, which occurred a little later on the House floor) and when she arrived in our room another speaker was droning on. Because the gentleman had mistaken us as Pennsylvanians, you could tell everyone was afraid he would drone on forever. Ms. Pelosi stood patiently about 10 feet from us. Someone asked for their picture with her and when they were done I got up my nerve and walked over to her. She didn’t see me and I wanted to tap her on the arm but you don’t tap the Speaker of the House on the arm now, do you? So there I was, almost tapping, when Phillip got her attention and said, “Madame Speaker, may I take a picture of you with my wife?” And there you have it! She was very gracious and I was completely thrilled for the rest of the day.

P.S. to my friends not in the U.S.: Nancy Pelosi was, until yesterday, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives. She was the first woman to hold that role. She was re-elected as a Representative and now is the House Minority Leader.

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Uncle Bob rings in the new year

Posted by laurie on January 5, 2011

I can’t tell you how much Sherman loves his Uncle Bob. He gets WAY more excited when Bob arrives than when either of us come home. PLUS he gives Bob beagle kisses! I have yet to experience a Sherman beagle kiss.

Today Phillip and I are going on a bus to Washington, D.C. for the swearing in of our Congressman, Rush Holt. Phillip went door to door with him during the campaign. Pretty cool being on a first name basis with your Congressman, huh? After the ceremony there’s a lunch and tours of Capitol Hill. I’m hoping to take pictures of famous people. Check it out tomorrow.

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The Kramers

Posted by laurie on January 4, 2011

The first thing my dear mother-in-law is going to do after seeing today’s DD is send off an immediate email asking me to remove the photo. But I can’t do that, Gitty, I’m sorry! And besides, you look lovely!

This is Phillip’s sister Sara. She has an incredible ability to sleep just about anywhere. I don’t remember if this was before dinner or after. The cornish game hens were delicious but the star of the meal was Bob’s baked brie appetizer. Simply stunning.

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