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Posted by laurie on February 28, 2011

Just about all of the snow is gone and it’s getting muddy out there. Phillip says we can’t lay down straw because it will prevent the grass from growing, so really the only things to do are to have several old towels laying around and a box of those Swiffer wet pad thingies (technical term). And patience. Lots of patience.

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9,000 ways to stay warm

Posted by laurie on February 25, 2011

I worked at home yesterday while our $9,000 new heat pump was installed. I think that’s more than my senior year of college cost. Actually it doesn’t just provide heat but also central air conditioning as well. Still rather pricey, if you ask me. Half of the unit goes outside and half into the crawl space, which is accessible only through the laundry room. That’s the previous unit and how they got it out of there is beyond me. The guys brought everything through the garage and sunroom which precluded any attempts at beagle escape, and the boys pretty much left them alone and hung out with me. I kept a fire going all day and had a space heater for good measure. But now we’re in business: the $9,000 heat pump is delivering warm, expensive air, and I added 9,000 frequent flyer miles to my credit card account!

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Zen beagle

Posted by laurie on February 24, 2011

As you can see, Sherman has become a master of ignoring Stanley. He’ll play with Stan maybe once or twice a day, but most of the time he goes into beagle Zen mode like this. Stanley, ever hopeful, keeps trying. “Never say never!”

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Don’t mind us

Posted by laurie on February 23, 2011

Look who was hiding out during dinner in the dining room with friends? Hmmm…..

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The huddle

Posted by laurie on February 22, 2011

“OK team, listen up!”

“We’re gonna go out there and walk AROUND the mud puddles! Not THROUGH them. AROUND them! This will make your mommy very happy. Let’s go!”

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Whose couch again?

Posted by laurie on February 21, 2011

While the weekend was sunny and mild, I was a bit under the weather and (no surprise) spent time on the couch. Phillip didn’t take this picture, I did. Occasionally they got up to go outside, but only occasionally.

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Posted by laurie on February 18, 2011

Congratulations to Scooby’s Mom for It doesn’t get any cuter than this folks! The new tri-colored Aroo-dog cream pitcher! With easy grip handle to pour your milk or cream with ease. Bring some fun while adding cream to your coffee! Yours for only $9.99, (plus $4.99 shipping) while supplies last

The runner-up is 1-0-1 for There’s nothing like gargling snow to get rid of doggie breath!

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Westminster, part 2

Posted by laurie on February 17, 2011

We only got around to watching the second day of Westminster last night. And in fact, I must admit, we fast-forwarded to the Best in Show because we still had two days of Watson playing Jeopardy! to watch. Stanley woke up to bark at the formidable Chinese Shar-Pei but was quickly silenced when the Pekingese came out and he couldn’t figure out if it was a dog, a Tribble, or some kind of robotic broom.

Our friend Carol sent us this picture from Monday. How adorable! Those are her two pugs, Mikey (left) and Zeke. The crates are up against the TV so they wouldn’t try to climb onto the flat screen.

The boys return tomorrow!

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Posted by laurie on February 16, 2011

Today we remember Casey, who said goodbye to Bobbie and Mark yesterday. Like Clayton was to me, Casey was Bobbie’s first dog. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts. I know that the whole DD family is holding you, Bobbie and Mark, in our hearts today.

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Westminster, part 1

Posted by laurie on February 15, 2011

Both boys slept through the entire hound group but Stanley awoke when the toys came marching in. I’ll have Phillip do some video of Stan’s color commentary, it’s so hilarious.

How about that 15″ beagle? Does anyone know how they get their tails to be so bushy?

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