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Snuggled in

Posted by laurie on February 2, 2011

Nope, it’s not another snow day but I sure wish it was one!

Phillip took these pictures, aren’t they beautiful? I think he might have also been responsible for the set design.


18 Responses to “Snuggled in”

  1. Spunky's Mom said

    So adorable! Spunky’s expression is very similar to Sherman’s at the moment, she’s just not wrapped up. It IS a snow day in the Detroit area today, so I’m planning on joining her for some snuggles soon!

  2. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    Great job, Philip! Those faces are SO happy, snuggled in their oh-so-comfy blanket. I especially love the expression on Shermie’s face in the first photo!

    We are totally snowed in here in Wisconsin. No work today, as all schools (and many businesses, including the one I work for) are closed. Cody and Henry can’t even go out on their leashes until we clear away the snowdrift up against the back door. They ran out onto the sun porch this morning, expecting to go out, so I put their leashes on and tried to get the door open just a LITTLE bit. It didn’t budge! They clearly could not understand why the door did not open. I lifted them up to the windows to see the drifts in the back yard, some of which are over my head! They looked at me and went back into the kitchen. Not happy, but I think they get it now. I’m about to go out and shovel a path for them. Wish me luck!

  3. Tam said

    Snowed in here, as well. Michigan State University is (other than for essential personnel, such as those that have to feed the students and the lab animals…or the animal ER) closed for the first time in 33 years. They said they’d never do it again after 1978…never say never. John just shoveled (back steps first for teh beags…we have our priorities) and the beagles had a great romp (well, Elvis did…) in the backyard.

  4. Karen S. said

    So sweet! My dogs love to be covered up. Blue can cover himself up!

    Now how about some more videos, Phillip?

  5. Patty in San Jose said

    So adorable! I just want to give them both some kisses and a big squeeze.

  6. Carol said

    Beagle snuggles are so warm!

  7. Susan in DE said

    There was only a minor coating of ice on trees, etc. in Delaware early this morning, now it’s rain and very foggy because of all the snow on the ground already, I’m sure there will be some minor flooding issues, which fortunately don’t impact us.

    Jordan is a very good snuggler, and I had a very hard time rousting him out of the people bed for breakfast this morning. He’s not allowed to jump anymore, so he has to stand up so I can lift all 40 lbs of him out of the bed. He kept stretching and rolling back on his side and moaning, he definitely wanted to stay in bed just a little bit longer. On the other hand, Josie the She-Beast (who never sleeps in the people bed, it’s beneath her) was whacking her tail on the night stand at o’dark thirty, hoping I’d get up half an hour before the alarm and serve breakfast early.

  8. Darlene Main said

    so very cute!!

  9. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    That’s a pretty extreme case of Blanket Beagling right there. I’m at work, but I know that’s exactly what my two are also doing (with my husband’s assistance) while I’m earning money for more dog food.
    As Tam said, PRIORITIES.

  10. Harper said

    Great pictures, Phillip! I too love the expression on Sherm’s face in the first photo.

    Whisky Girl sleeps in the people bed, but I have figured out how to get her to stay down so I can put her up in the bed and get her out of bed so she’s not leaping off the footboard. She loves to snuggle too, though not under the blankets typically. although when we visited my brother in Kansas, both she and the Lab crawled under the sleeping bags with us (it was VERY VERY COLD)… she hasn’t done that since. Though she does like to curl up on my lap in my recliner at night (a 40-lb lap dog… imagine)…

  11. Harper said

    Postscript: no snow day here in California, and like Cathy said, I’m here at working earning money for puppy kibble! 🙂

  12. Radar's Sissy said

    just got done with the blizzard here in indiana… we got a good foot of snow!!! radar cant walk thru it so he remains our “prancing pony” haha 🙂

  13. Martha M said

    Is there ANYTHING cuter than a beagle face sticking out of a ‘bankie’? Sherman reminds me so much of Shiloh. That precious rounded head. Love to you all.

    • Martha M said

      Oh, weather comment–so sorry for all of you up north. Even tho my parents were from Illinois, I don’t think I am made for such cold and snow. I’m so ready for spring. We were south of the massive storm-almost 70 here in Richmond with strong winds. Just a teaser though–back to the 40’s tomorrow.

  14. Donna & Oscar & Spencer said

    Well, I won’t even tell you what the weather is like here in Honolulu. Sorry!!

    Laurie, thanks for returning the Aloha Shirt. I came on the third anniversary of Rosco’s passing. I only teared a little. I took it home and Spencer immediately chewed a small hole on the bottom.

  15. Angela said

    Precious! That is a look of pure bliss on little Sherman’s face! Both boys are “snug as a bug in a rug”!

  16. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    It is very cold here in Houston Tx. Well cold for us it was 22 when I came to work this morning. Tomorrow they are calling for 1-3 inches on snow. I know that doesn’t sound like much to you northerners (I’m from PA) but it is a REALLY big deal down here. They already have schools closing tomorrow.

    The last thing I say to Jodi & Barney in the morning is…”Gotta go to work to make money to buy Kibble”.

    Jodi loves to be covered up under her faborite blacket, but not Barney….Love those Beagle faces and white bellies 😉

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