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Say what?

Posted by laurie on March 31, 2011

In addition to being mostly deaf, Sherman has what Phillip calls “cognitive delay.” For example, when we stand up from the table to signal that we’re done and it’s treat time, Sherman will often remain motionless on the rug, staring at us. Or, when I dole out carrots at salad prep time, I’ll extend both arms synchronously and instead of taking his carrot, Sherm will stare (with an adorable furrowed brow) at Stanley eating his. None of this matters to us, of course, and Sherman is one of the best little beagle boys in the world.

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Of blue bowls

Posted by laurie on March 30, 2011

A couple of months after we adopted Stanley, Phillip came home with a cute double doggy bowl holder he’d found at a give-away or something. He put it down in place of the two blue bowls but right away I couldn’t stand it because the blue bowls had been Clayton’s and their absence made me miss him even more. We put the bowls back and I felt better. Sherman eats from the blue bowl, and Stanley eats from Spenser’s. Rather than being sad reminders, the continuity brings me comfort. I’m sure this resonates with many of you?

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Our little helper

Posted by laurie on March 29, 2011

I swear, I have never seen anyone so devoted to his work as Sherman, our packing assistant. Neither of the boys have that negative reaction to suitcases as Spenser did, but Sherman does like to nap on every piece of clothing. It will be nice to to wear dog hair while we’re in Jamaica!

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Posted by laurie on March 28, 2011

We were upstairs in the guest room on Saturday, packing for our upcoming trip to Jamaica. I know, I know, we were just there, right? In December? Yes, but April 14 will be our 20th anniversary so what better way to celebrate than renewing our vows at the same resort where we honeymooned! Our friends Cathy and Judy are coming with us, and we’re meeting Sharon and Ron, a couple we know from Boston.

Anyway, while Sherman joined us for packing (more on that tomorrow), Stanley preferred to sunbathe on the landing of the stairs. At one point I coaxed him in to join us but there was no food so he headed back to his chaise lounge.

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Clean and jerk

Posted by laurie on March 25, 2011

Congrats to Scott and Scout for: Kramer, P. (2011). Diagnosis and treatment of balance disorders in the beagle. American Journal of Otoneurology. (4)3.339-442.

And the runner up is Dave Dwyer for: New yoga pose for 2011: Upward facing dog.

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Posted by laurie on March 24, 2011

Does anyone out there want to trade their 4th generation iPod Shuffle for this lovely yellow 5th generation 8GB iPod Nano? I am going to buy this waterproof iPod housing so I can listen while I swim. It fits only the the square Shuffle. I swim 2500 yards (100 laps) Monday through Friday, and let me tell you, it’s dull as dirt! So if you’d like to trade, let me know. I don’t need two iPods in addition to my new iPhone. iDon’t! iReallyDon’t!

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Snow, melt, repeat

Posted by laurie on March 23, 2011

The picture is from yesterday, the lawn today has a heavy dusting of snow. I predicted this last Friday when it was 80 degrees. You can’t trust March when you’re north of the Mason-Dixon line.

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Posted by laurie on March 22, 2011

The brown marmorated stink bug was accidentally introduced to the US in the mid 90s and we’ve had them as long as we’ve lived here. They come in during the cold weather. They’re like itsy bitsy little skunks — leave them alone and they’re benign, but addled they give off a horrible smell. The smell hasn’t really bothered me in the past but this year the population increased and, oh my gosh, do they ever reek. You have to be extra careful picking them up with a tissue because if you squeeze, you lose. They have a habit of landing on illuminated lamps where they are promptly cooked, and one day my cleaning lady called because she could smell smoke. I immediately drove home to the familiar smell of the fried stink bug.

Last night I was reading in bed with Sherman curled up next to me. All of a sudden he woke up, completely alert. Now remember that Sherman can’t hear, so it was not a noise that roused him, but whatever it was caused him to jump off the bed and run into the crate. Of course I knew right away what it was, and I gently removed it from the quilt and sent it swimming with its cousins in the toilet.

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Posted by laurie on March 21, 2011

Stretching should be an integral part of anyone’s fitness program.

The benefits of stretching include: increased flexibility and joint range of motion, improved circulation, enhanced coordination.

And stress relief. Don’t forget that one.

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Good hair day!

Posted by laurie on March 18, 2011

Congrats to Harper for: C. Sidings evil twin Count Follicle demonstrates his wizardry with his power tools.

Congrats to Paws For Thought for: Just a quick rinse and trim, please. Oh, and lay off sports, politics and cats, willya?

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