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Archive for March 17th, 2011

Bad hair day

Posted by laurie on March 17, 2011

I thought we’d branch out a little today and discuss hair. Specifically, my hair. I got it cut a couple of weeks ago by someone new, who I really like because she gave me a wonderful cut. My hair is naturally wavy and while I know all of you with straight hair are insanely jealous, well, ditto from here.

Look. This is just a couple of weeks later (during my introductory weight training class with Phillip) and I have this huge wavy helmet of hair on my head. Why is it that you can NEVER reproduce the blow-dry you got in the salon? Ladies, I know you’re wondering this, too, right? Now I must admit that she used a straightening iron and that could certainly account for a lot. I actually went out and bought my own, but I don’t know how to use it and will admit to you here that I haven’t taken it out of the package. My intentions are sincere, however. I’m getting it cut before our trip next month and I’m hoping to come home with straighter hair, and one of the deep dark mysteries of being female solved.

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