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Good hair day!

Posted by laurie on March 18, 2011

Congrats to Harper for: C. Sidings evil twin Count Follicle demonstrates his wizardry with his power tools.

Congrats to Paws For Thought for: Just a quick rinse and trim, please. Oh, and lay off sports, politics and cats, willya?

29 Responses to “Good hair day!”

  1. Lori (Cody and Henry's aunt) said

    Update on tsunami dogs:

  2. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    LOVE IT! 🙂 Thanks for the Friday morning smile. 🙂

  3. Karen S. said

    I’m gonna wash that hair right outta my man…

  4. Jenny said

    No caption, but Sherman looks so cooperative! What a good dog!

  5. Patty in San Jose said

    Made my Friday! LOL

  6. ChristyACB said

    I have to say…those photos are priceless.

    For the second one, maybe: “Are you sure this won’t make my hair like yours, Dad?”

    And on a more somber note, there is NO confirmation that the dogs were actually rescued from that video. No proof of life at all. And the person who supposedly rescued them is not responding with the name of the vet clinic or anything of that nature. Very disapointing. Here is the site where they are trying to find proof of life.

  7. 1-0-1 said

    Caution, images may appear hairier in the mirror!

  8. Bobbie (Casey & Dexter's mom) said

    No caption today, I just looked back to 3-15-11 and read that Nancy J’s Dexter is doing better, were so glad to hear that. Please keep us posted.

  9. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Thanks I needed that laugh today. Sherm is so very patient, mine wouldn’t stand still that long….. You guys are great. Thanks again for the pick me up

  10. Gretchen said

    Are you almost done? My ears are straight enough. Hey,that is hot!

  11. ChristyACB said

    For the seond one: “Are you sure this won’t make my hair look like yours, Dad? You’re positive?”

    Also…according to the website, the rescue of the 2 dogs in the video is UNCONFIRMED. No proof of life. The rescuer isn’t responding to requests for the name of the vet or vet hospital and they can be located in none in Mito, Japan, where he supposedly took them. Keep hoping, but…..

  12. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Steady on, Shermie. Sometimes it hurts to be pretty.

  13. So, Phillip, what do you to keep your abundant locks so…um…manageable?

  14. J said

    Straighten that up please! I need that to feel the wind directions when pointing.

  15. Harper said

    C. Sidings evil twin Count Follicle demonstrates his wizardry with his power tools.

    • I don’t think I’ll be making an appointment at Count Follicle’s Hair salon any time in the near future. I think I want to keep ALL my hair even in its natural frizzy state.

  16. Crack me up! No photo caption to think of, but I know for sure my Beagle wouldn’t have been so cooperative.

  17. Martha M said

    Sherman! I got the greatest tips from these wonderful ladies on yesterday’s DD! Let me show you all the techniques I learned!

  18. Phillip to Sherman: Instead of having a tea party, let’s play beauty parlor just like the beauty parlor in Steel Magnolias. I’ll be Dolly Parton and you be Julia Roberts.

  19. Djuna's Grandma said

    picture 1 Alas! Has Captain Siding finally been foiled by the tools he cannot master? Were they sent by his nemesis?

    picture 2 Sherman, his trusty sidekick saves the day by patiently translating the instruction booklet–we know they are all printed in Beaglese. Will Captain Siding and the Beagle Boys triumph in their next challenge? Stay tuned as Captain Siding takes on the Mud Monsters.

  20. Carol said

    From pure madness to pure love.

  21. Paws for Thought said

    Just a quick rinse and trim, please. Oh, and lay off sports, politics and cats, willya?

  22. Tam said

    No caption, just hysterical laughing from here.

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