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Posted by laurie on March 24, 2011

Does anyone out there want to trade their 4th generation iPod Shuffle for this lovely yellow 5th generation 8GB iPod Nano? I am going to buy this waterproof iPod housing so I can listen while I swim. It fits only the the square Shuffle. I swim 2500 yards (100 laps) Monday through Friday, and let me tell you, it’s dull as dirt! So if you’d like to trade, let me know. I don’t need two iPods in addition to my new iPhone. iDon’t! iReallyDon’t!

16 Responses to “iTrade?”

  1. Gloria said

    Our beagle Suzie gently picked up our son’s ipod and carried it in her mouth to her favorite place to chew.
    When I walked by and noticed it on the floor, I thought good-bye ipod. Well he had one of those hard cover cases and although it had a couple of teeth marks, there was no damage! Gotta love those ipods and the person who invented the hard covers.

  2. Jenny said

    Does it come with a beagle? =)

    • Carol said

      I was just thinking that. I’d go buy one to trade, if Sherman was part of the deal!

      Off topic here, Eddy graduated from beginning obedience school!!! At the end of class we got to show off the tricks we had trained our dogs to do. Eddy sat up, shook hands and spun around perfectly! The labs and the goldens thought it was pretty pedestrian, but we knew it was a great accomplishment. And pretty cute too!

      • Lori (Cody and Henry's aunt) said

        Luana – if you read this – it CAN be done!!!!

      • Sparky's Mama said

        When we were growing up, my little sister got tired of Snoopy knocking her down charging as she set down his dinner bowl. She taught him to sit and wait until the bowl was on the floor and she was safely out of the way. As an adult, I taught Sparky to sit and stay until I set down the bowl and “we” blessed the food! Our beagles have learned these useful skills as well as fun ones like rolling over and jumping through a hula hoop!

  3. sississippi said

    Rosie dropped out of obedience school. Oh well, I love her anyway!

  4. Martha M said

    Sadly, I am ipod-challenged–years ago, I was at the computer and my daughter had left hers on the side of it and it was still faintly playing something, driving me nuts. I looked for the OFF button…..finally gave up and put it in a drawer….could still hear it, so I wrapped it in a towel and put it in the drawer. Hayley still laughs about it.
    OKAY–totally different subject-
    I mentioned this earlier and got no reply, so I’ll try again, because it’s worth it–
    My neighbor-who loved Shiloh,and has a sweet King Charles Cavalier, Lucy gave me an incredible book “A Dog’s Purpose” by W. Bruce Cameron.
    It should be required reading for all dog lovers/owners. Have any of you read it? I laughed and cried and will never look at a dog the same way again!

    • Carol said

      I have the book, but haven’t read it yet. I’m a crier…happy/sad doesn’t matter…so I’ve been a bit afraid to read it. Since you recommend it, I’ll get it out for summer reading.

  5. jessamyn said

    I have one! One of the little square silver ones, right? I’ve got a friend who thought I might be able to help who is a happy local beagle owner. I am a swimmer too but I just sort of sing in my own head. Drop me a note and we can exchange!

  6. jessamyn said

    Rrrrrrrr, looks like I spoke too soon and I only have the 3G which is, I think, the wrong size. Will keep looking.

  7. Nadine Wiseman said

    I’ve just introduced my Dad to the ipod. He’s having chemotherapy for lung cancer (awfully bad luck- he only smoked in the 1960s) so I’ve lent him my ipod to pass the time (thinking he could listen to The Beatles, and jazz and classical). After the first session I asked how it went- turned out he’d ended up having to listen to ABBA because I hadn’t effectively explained how to scroll through the menu! (It’s a low-dose Chemo so few side-effect so far).

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