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Of blue bowls

Posted by laurie on March 30, 2011

A couple of months after we adopted Stanley, Phillip came home with a cute double doggy bowl holder he’d found at a give-away or something. He put it down in place of the two blue bowls but right away I couldn’t stand it because the blue bowls had been Clayton’s and their absence made me miss him even more. We put the bowls back and I felt better. Sherman eats from the blue bowl, and Stanley eats from Spenser’s. Rather than being sad reminders, the continuity brings me comfort. I’m sure this resonates with many of you?

22 Responses to “Of blue bowls”

  1. Karen S. said

    I’m sure Clayton’s spirit is not far away when you put food in that blue bowl!

    I especially like the things my former dogs have chewed on–I love my spatula with Rowdy’s tooth marks on the handle.

  2. Joan said

    We use most all of our beloved dogs thing with our new beloved dogs. I agree it is comforting.

  3. Tamara said

    I agree, as well.

  4. Nancy J said

    We have basset teethmarks in our woodwork to remember her by. We have all of the harnesses from our pups who have passed and use them on our present pack. Our doberman wears the same bell around her neck that our 1st doberman wore at Christmas.

    There is one thing I can’t get past, however. It’s silly, but our 1st beagle, my beloved Shelby Louise (she was the foundation of our passion for beagles) absolutely LOVED mac and cheese. I know, not healthy, but she was crazy about it. She knew when I was making and would sit as close as she could to me. Her eyes would get huge when she finally got a taste. Since she passed, 8 years ago, I can’t make mac and cheese. My husband loves it, but I can’t look at it without my heart breaking. Shelby, I miss you so much.

    • Martha M said

      Oh, Nancy J-thank you. Shiloh was only my second dog ever and my first as the ‘Mom’ (as an adult). It’s been two months (feels like two decades) and I still have her beds and bowls in the same place as if she were still with me. I keep thinking that I should put them away, but I just can’t.
      Shiloh used to sit at military attention by me when I made a certain chicken dish, (which is my daughter’s favorite). I’d let Shiloh lick the cooled pan and she was in heaven!!!
      I’m thinking Shiloh and Shelby are enjoying both dishes together at the Rainbow Bridge!

  5. Harper said

    I keep all the tags & collars of my (furry) family members that have passed.
    I even save my current pups’ and cat’s tags & collars.
    It is very comforting.

  6. Carol said

    It is so nice to hear that I’m not the only one. Cassie has been gone a year now, and I still make sure the shower doors are left open so she can go in and get some water.

    Laurie, do you still leave a little coffee in the bottom of your cup?

  7. lois said

    I’m also happy to know that I’m not the only one who misses my old guys. This is so funny – when i picked Sherry up from her first teeth-cleaning, the receptionist told me how much she missed Andy & his running commentary. Then my mother called & we reminisced about how good our second beagle was with my grandmother.

  8. Harper said

    On an unrelated note to today’s post, I found a great picture of Whisky Beagle curled up in a ray of sunlight – reminiscent of Stan – it had been raining all day & the sun came out for a bit & she curled up in it. You can see the mud on her back legs from being outside and laying in the rain.

  9. Susan in DE said

    I’m 46, and the only pets I ever had to directly face the passing of have been fish, and that always crushed me. With family pets, they were either with my dad (parents were divorced, we didn’t leave too close to him), or my horse had actually gone to a new owner, so I didn’t hear about it until after the fact — and I still always cried. When I thought we were going to lose Jordan last summer, I was a mess. It’s inevitable — although both he and Josie are fine right now, he’s 14 and slowing down, and Josie’s 11. I dread the thought …

    • Martha M said

      Jordan and Josie know how lucky and loved they are! You know how lucky and loved you are with them. Enjoy each day–don’t look down the road!

  10. Beaglemomx3 said

    I am really beaglemomx3 again. We lost Samantha the day after Thanksgiving last year and said there was going to be a no replacement policy until the other two were gone. Well, this weekend my husband and daughter were driving down our country road in Tennessee and there was a little bitty beagle in the road trying to eat road kill. My daughter picked her up and put her in the car. We tried both animal shelters in our city and county and all the houses on the road where we found her.The shelters are full and nobody had a missing beagle on the road. She had ticks all over her and her feet were swollen and red.We took her to the vet on Sunday. We got her tick free and she had ear infections and infections on all four paws. She is on antibiotics and steroids. She does not have a micro-chip. She has not been spade. So, we got her immediate needs taken care of and then we will get her spade and all of her shots. The vet bill was not in our budget. The vet thinks she was used as a puppy maker.She is between 5 and 7 years old. We have named her Sadie. She has only been with us for 5 days and she is already spoiled. I guess we want be looking for her a new home. She must be ours now.

    • Martha M said

      God bless you! Welcome, sweet Sadie to the DD family!!! Please keep us posted on her progress!

    • Nancy J said

      You are angels. Actually, an angel named Samantha may have had a paw in this. I believe these things happen for a reason. You have saved her from a miserable existence and you will be paid back in the best currency ever–beagle love.

      Please give her a hug from all of us.

      • Susan in DE said

        I agree with Nancy J … Sadie’s path was meant to cross with yours, and I’m sure Samantha helped out with that.

    • Karen S. said

      Sadie must have been praying for a good mom and dad.

    • ChristyACB said

      I think that these things happen for a reason too. And I think our beloved’s know how to nudge things when they leave us. Sadie is a gift, in my opinion. A gift to you from Samantha who could see that you had a space in your heart waiting to be filled up again.

      Grab that gift and just be happy you’ll fill up Sadie’s heart along with your own.

      Good for you, Sadie!

    • lois said

      Sadie is one lucky dog! I’m sure she’ll repay you with loads of love!

    • Carol said

      Ditto what everyone else said. Congratulations Sadie. Much love to you all.

  11. Ellen said

    Our Daisy just died on April 1st. We’ll keep her collar, and tags and add them to the collection along with Merlin’s and Rosie’s. (They both died in 2006) We’ve had a foster beagle, (named Abby after the character on NCIS), for three weeks now. We decided to adopt her, even though we said we weren’t going to get any more dogs. Life goes on. We lost Daisy, but Abby found her forever home.

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