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Say what?

Posted by laurie on March 31, 2011

In addition to being mostly deaf, Sherman has what Phillip calls “cognitive delay.” For example, when we stand up from the table to signal that we’re done and it’s treat time, Sherman will often remain motionless on the rug, staring at us. Or, when I dole out carrots at salad prep time, I’ll extend both arms synchronously and instead of taking his carrot, Sherm will stare (with an adorable furrowed brow) at Stanley eating his. None of this matters to us, of course, and Sherman is one of the best little beagle boys in the world.

21 Responses to “Say what?”

  1. Karen S. said

    When I have treats in both hands Timmy tries to take both hands off.

    (That’s an adorable picture btw!

  2. Sam and Sweetums' Mom said

    We have one with a sensory delay or deficit…can’t find hidden treats or anything like squirrel etc.
    Sam has the beagle version of ADD when he goes out to pee. He goes back and forth searching for a spot and then…someone on a bicycle goes by and he has to start again. Back and forth and back and forth and then…was that Dad’s car? Back and forth and back and forth…did I hear another dog bark? Sometimes it takes us 10 minutes to accomplish the task even if we really really have to go. Is this normal with others or does Sam need some help???

    • Lucy M said

      Lucy and Sam must be beagle cousins – you just described one of Lucy’s rituals…she has to find the absolute PERFECT spot to make her “deposits”. My beagle baby is 14 this year so I enjoy every nanosecond of her antics!

  3. ChristyACB said

    A little cognitive delay never hurt anyone!

    BTW, that is one fabulous portrait…truly calendar-worthy.

    Neither of mine have the cognitive delay, pe se. Boscoe is significantly losing his hearing and can’t adjust to signs. Gigi has excellent sign recognition (we’re starting early with her just in case). Boscoe just doesn’t get it. He occassionally misses a treat because he isn’t attuned to the signs…even when really exaggerated to get his attention.

    I sure do love my Big Boscolator so we just go with it.

    Hey, maybe this means the Sherminator won’t suffer from the middle aged pudgefest that afflicts so many beagles!

  4. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    I love that you love Sherm no matter what. We have a cat who is deaf and has delay as well, and she’s just part of the family. πŸ™‚ Thank you for taking him in, and as always, for making the DD one of my favorite sites to enjoy with my cuppa Joe. πŸ™‚

    • C Siding said

      We didn’t know Sherm had these problems when we got him but I must say he is one of the true blessings in our life. It just makes me a little sad that he doesn’t know his name. On the other hand he is possibly the happiest creature on the planet. I guess that’s more important.

      • Sue, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

        Sherm ia one lucky beautiful Beagle boy!

      • Peggy said

        Sherm can focus on love, because he has fewer distractions.

      • Kim Jackson said

        And he is so picture perfect!

      • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

        He might not know his name, but he sure does know you guys love and cherish him. That surely makes him a happy boy.

        And now I know what to call the problem my Gomez has – he’s a little slow on the uptake too. He doesn’t have any problem with soaking up the smoochies though!

      • Bobbie (Casey & Dexter's mom) said

        Our little Dexter has quite a few issues, he’s very skiddish, afraid of loud noises or any noise actually and sudden movements. But he is a true blessing to us and we love him dearly, just like Sherm is to you.

  5. Trumbo has the ADD when it comes to peeing and pooping. And it always happens when it’s pouring, cold, and the wind is blowing 100 mph. And if he gets a drop of water on his head or hears a branch creak, the scaredy-cat forgets all about it until he’s inside, of course. Drives me nuts.

  6. Lynne said

    Awwwww, so cute.

  7. Scott said

    Delay? What delay? Sherman’s just being polite and waiting his turn!

  8. Susan in DE said

    Sherman is adorable. Just more proof that he’s a Zen master, if you ask me.

    Yeah, I think multi-tasking is not necessarily a beagle strength (probably all dogs in general, actually). The funniest instance of this I ever saw was when I’d just seen a ground hog moseying around in the yard, and I let the two dogs out after dinner (ground hog made a hasty exit under the fence when he heard the door open). Josie went out, did her business, and came straight back inside, completely missing the fresh scent. Jordan did his usual aimless wandering, and started his – ahem – #2 squat – about two feet from where the ground hog had been. All of a sudden, he got the scent, and you should have seen him trying to complete his business, follow the scent, and aroooooo at the same time. Wish I had a video camera!

  9. Carol said

    Beautiful picture. Sherm is a handsome subject!

  10. Nancy in AZ said

    Shermala is such a love bug. Every time I see his photo I want to hug my monitor! Yeah, I’ve got a crush on Sherman.

  11. deanna said

    Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. -Albert Einstein

    This is one of my favorite quotations. I teach kids with cognitive delays so that may have something to do with my love of the quote. All that matters to Sherman is that he is happy and loved, which he most definitely is!

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