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IQ test

Posted by laurie on April 1, 2011

“Uh oh!”

“Double uh oh.”

“Oh, crap.”

16 Responses to “IQ test”

  1. Harper said

    Laurie you are too funny! Perfect way to start my day.

  2. Tamara said

    Elvis will assist…

  3. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    HILARIOUS!!! Thank you!

  4. Peggy said

    Penny would ‘aroooooo’ until somebody brought her the toy.

  5. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Yeah. There would be arooos at our house.

  6. Karen S. said

    Hounds usually have a special “treed” bark.

  7. Bobbie (Casey & Dexter's mom) said

    That is so darn cute. Love the pic Laurie.

  8. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I got Cody and Henry the same toy at PetSmart a few weeks ago. They’ve killed the squeaker in the tail, but the one in the head still works. However, rawhides remain the toy of choice for them, and they don’t play with the raccoon very much. (Cody also continues to enjoy chewing pieces out of the doggie beds, and there are bits of the beds all over the house!)

  9. Ali B said

    OMG! I can’t believe I found a blog that’s all about someone’s beagles! I have a beagle named Ginger. She’s 10 1/2 years old & to be honest, I kind of became a beagle snob in terms of there “look”. Ginger is VERY cute although, she’s showing her age now and her face has whitened up a lot. I began to wonder if I got the last cute beagle however, I see that I haven’t. Yours are SO adorable! When people see Ginger and ask about the breed, I simply respond “they’re forever a 2 year old. You always need to be a step ahead of them and if they get into something, it’s your fault because that’s what a beagle does….follows there nose.”

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