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Archive for April 18th, 2011

We’re home!

Posted by laurie on April 18, 2011

First off, many, many thanks to Courtneay, Lance and Maggie for taking such good care of the boys. They were waiting when we got home on Friday night, and while they were just a tad confused for a day, as you can see everything and everyone is back to normal. Second, I just loved Courtneay’s photo of Sherman on the laptop and it will definitely go on the 2012 calendar! And third, I’m so sorry for Sue K. and her family on the loss of Huey Dandelion. I’ll post a photo of him this week.

Guess who? Is he a manly scuba diver or what?

This is me and that’s a sea cucumber. They sit on the sand at the bottom with their relatives the starfish. Sea cucumbers are amazingly soft.

Thursday was our 20th anniversary and we renewed our vows on the beach. It was really lovely. Our friends Cathy, Judy, Ron and Sharon all attended, along with the people who were sunning themselves near us. We had a lavish Jamaican fruitcake with champagne after the ceremony. And now we enter the next 20 years! I wonder if that’s when he’ll learn to replace the empty toilet paper roll?

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