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Passover part 1

Posted by laurie on April 25, 2011

The best pictures from our Passover weekend were unfortunately not taken. The first was Stanley running away with a large piece of gefilite fish in his mouth and the second was Sherman standing on top of the the coffee table, licking furiously from a bowl of chopped liver. If they weren’t Jewish before, they certainly are now! And here is Moses eating a piece of Matzoh with Phillip’s brother, Wayne. Moses is so devoted to Wayne that he even tries to follow him into the bathroom.

There were five dogs total. In addition to the boys and Moses, Levi the mutt and Elizabeth the golden/lab mix were in attendance. Elizabeth is only about a year old and she kept getting in Stanley’s face, which made him freak out each and every time. By the end of the day he was exhausted. He climbed onto my lap here and went right to sleep. They did well at night – we got our own room with twin beds and the boys switched off sleeping with Phillip and me. My mother-in-law Gitty was a saint AND a good cook!

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