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Passover, the outtakes

Posted by laurie on April 27, 2011

Moses blended into the sofa so well that he needed a traffic cone so no one would sit on him.

Despite many entreaties that we use this Two-Minute Haggadah, the seder took a little longer than that, tiring out some of the participants.

8 Responses to “Passover, the outtakes”

  1. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Both of those pics are hilarious. Moses is truly a good dog to put up with the antics of his two-legged pack members.

  2. Donna & Oscar & Spencer said

    Now that Passover is over it’s time for the annual Waikiki Spam Jam.

    I invite Laurie every year but she politely declines… In all honesty, I’ve never attended. All that processed lunch meat in one place gives me the willies.

    p.s. Love the traffic cone

  3. ChristyACB said

    Awesome pics! What a good dog Moses is. There Sherminator appears to have had his utter fill of a good passover meal!

  4. Susan in DE said

    Too, too funny! Love Phillip and Sherm snoozing (nice fake beagle pose, Phillip) and Moses is a saint. That reminds me of the photos of people stacking things on their cats, check out There’s also a “Stuff on my Mutt” site, but even though I’m a dog person, I still think the cat version of this and LOLCatz is funnier than the dog stuff (Cats are more fun to pick on, most dogs actually enjoy the goofy attention and play along, so it isn’t as funny).

  5. baileyngypsysdad said

    that pic of Sherm reminds me of Baileys first Passover visit to my mothers house! She kept feeding him fried matzoh till it was all gone (she said he ate it, so she kept feeding him!!)…..we couldn’t get him to stand up he ate so much…he slept all the way home, and when we got him home he just fell over in the hall and went to full puppy sleep!
    Next day wasn’t so funny…..

  6. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    I just LOVE Shermie’s back legs in the second pic. My boys are so cute when they lay with their back legs spread out (or up in the air!). Moses is such a darling, too!

  7. Karen S. said

    If his hat had mudflaps Moses could be a bishop!

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