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My barfer boys

Posted by laurie on April 29, 2011

Stan woke us up the other night at 3:30 when he barfed on the bed. On the bottom sheet, specifically, which necessitated the instant removal of the sheet plus the mattress pad. Fortunately it did not seep down into the super-comfy foam topper. I think it’s the first time he threw up in bed. He was probably jealous of Sherman, who hurled in the car on the way home from Connecticut.

If you squint you might see my new Kindle on the nightstand. Yes, new. Here’s a lesson: if you bring your Kindle to the beach, don’t drop it in the sand. I dropped it in Jamaica and the next day it died. I called Amazon when I got home and since it was still under the one-year warranty, they sent me a replacement, no questions asked. It was possibly the best customer service experience I’ve ever had. Next trip I’m buying a protective case, or going paperback.

16 Responses to “My barfer boys”

  1. ChristyACB said

    I just love Sherman’s deep dark eyes. He’s just so handsome and doe eyed!

    Stanley is handsome too, of course, I wouldn’t want him to think he wasn’t. But those dark eyes….

    Barfing is, I find, quite contagious amongst dogs, cats and humans. Like a great chain of barfing. šŸ™‚

    Hopefully all will be well and it is just a touch of overindulgence catching up with them.

    Good tip on the Kindle. Summer is coming and I have a case, but not a full around case. I wonder what would be best for the beach in terms of kindle cases?

  2. The only barfing episodes we get is from eating too much grass or gobbling down dinner in three seconds. So far we’ve been lucky that grass and dinner has remained down and gone out in the usual manner (although it seems to constipate a little). Every single one of them, though, has puked on the bed on numerous occasions at all hours of the night on all levels of covers. And yet we take it in stride…it’s just one of the many adventures of having dogs.

    I bought a case for my Kindle when I ordered it. I figured with all the junk I carry in my bag that I didn’t want the screen to get jabbed or scratched up keys or pens. I also wanted to protect it from dust (read dog hair and possible teeth). Mine is a standard black leather cover, but I think I want something prettier for the summer.

    • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      I have a Nook and got a case right away for the same reasons.
      Tried to find it on line to show you, but didn’t find it. It has snaps on it and bends backwards so that it is like holding a book. Love it. Had to have a case, between the aforementioned doggie situations and me being a klutz I knew it would hit the floor at some point.

      • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

        Oops, forgot to tell you again, what beautiful sweet boys your have, barfing and all.

  3. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Yeah, barfing (or as we call it, hornking) is not a spectator sport. And the bed-based hornking is why I keep two mattress pads on our bed. Lily used to barf a LOT – for a while I awoke pretty much every morning to either her pawing me to take her to the bathroom, or actual hornking if I slept through the warning. I’d jump up, scoop her up and trot quickly into the bathroom and she’d hornk in the sink. We made many trips to the vet with no resolution to the daily barf situation, until one morning when we were on a cruise on our boat she barfed and this time there was something . . . something IN the barf. Something kind of big, and dark. Being the kind of person I am (and having owned beagles to boot), I took the object down to the dock and rinsed it off and examined it. Yes, ick. But it had to be done.

    The object was a poop bag, most of it anyway, all rolled and crinkled up. One of those bags they supply in parks – dark plastic, about 7″ x 9″. I remembered then that about 4 – 5 months prior I had dropped a bag (empty!) and then found only part of it later. It seems that my poor beagle girl had snagged the empty bag, chewed it up and was living with a bunch of plastic bag in her stomach.

    I can’t believe how lucky we were that it didn’t cause a blockage or torsion or something else horrible.

    Hope no one was eating breakfast as they read the DD this morning. šŸ™‚

  4. Scott said

    Scout will go outside and eat grass frantically for 30 min, then FINALLY barf. But 1/3 of time he will eat for 45 min and still no barf. And no bark at all. It’s a pain walking him at 3 AM not knowing what he is going to do. You don’t want to take him into the house too soon!

    PS…when Scout’s stomach (?) (his sides near his tail, but before hip) is tight that is when he will eat grass. Afterwards (barf or not) his sides are flexible as normal.

  5. Angela said

    The first picture really shows the difference in their eye color! Sherman’s sweet, dark chocolatey brown eyes, and Stanley’s striking amber-hazel eyes. Both so beautiful!

  6. Susan in DE said

    Love the pictures, especially Stan in the second one.

    We’re pretty fortunate, we don’t seem to get a lot of barfing with our two. Josie actually runs out the dog door and gets sick in the yard — except when she eats Duraflame firestart logs, but fortunately that doesn’t happen often – just once.

    Jordan has barfed on the white bedroom carpet (installed before pets entered our lives, obviously), but has never been sick in our bed (Josie won’t sleep with us, can’t stand it). He, however, is the king of the reverse sneeze and what we in our house call “gakking.” That is when they start that hacking cough as if they have a hairball, and finalize it with that horrendous noise that sounds like they might turn inside out from the effort (Vet has checked him, he’s fine, probably just allergies. It’s definitely worse now with all the pollen).

    • Martha M said

      Susan, Shiloh used to do that ‘gakking’! I remember it well, and yes, I was told it was allergies-always worse during pollen season. When you think about it-they run around with their nose to the ground-and guess what they’re snorting up-pollen-makes sense! I love your description of ‘they might turn inside out from the effort’. The final horrendous noise for Shi was always accompanied by what looked like a huge smile and her mouth seemed to unhinge like a snake. Then she’d look at everyone like “what?”

      • Susan in DE said

        Martha, yes, you have accurately described the visual aspect of “gakking”, that’s exactly it!

  7. Nancy J said

    That’s what I love about this site–we find nothing odd about swapping “urp” stories (that’s what it’s called at our house).

    So comforting to know that pretty much everybody has had the bed barf happen. It’s either that, or you jump out of bed and step in it.

    Good looking boys.

  8. Spunky's Mom said

    Happy to say Spunky has never barfed on the bed. On the living room floor in many, many places – usually a corner that’s hard to reach – or the stairway, but thankfully, never the bed.

    And I have to add, along with everyone else, your boys are adorable. I just want to smooch them!!

  9. Karen S. said

    We could have a Barfing Competition at the next BeagleFest! Imagine it: instead of Bobbing for Apples it’s Barfing up Everything

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