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Bark in the park

Posted by laurie on May 2, 2011

How cute is this little guy? He is a beagle/daschund mix and we met him at a dog festival to benefit our local shelter.

Hey, why not! We talked to the trainer about ways to make Stanley less fear-aggressive when he sees big dogs. Her advice was to lavishly treat him with tiny little treats or kibble as soon as Stanley spots the dog and then keep feeding.

Needless to say, his supper was quite a bit smaller that night.

9 Responses to “Bark in the park”

  1. Karen S. said

    Looks like it was a lot of fun!

  2. Sue Kneeland said

    That does look like fun. The dog in the first picture looks like my Brady who is supposedly full Beagle. He was a rescue to us but was originally purchased at a “dog store” which our vet in Maine told us bought from puppy mills. Regardless of Brady’s bloodline, we love him.

  3. Susan in DE said

    Love the third picture. My, my, food fixes everything. I don’t think Stan even knows that big dog is there!

  4. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Wow, that first picture looks a lot like my first dog, Chico. He was a basset hound – dachshund mix, and pretty beaglish as I remember.

  5. Carol said

    I love the smile Sherman has on his face in the second and third picture. If you ever wondered what learning looks like, just look at Stanley’s face. All cute pups!

  6. Vivian said

    When it comes to food…any food beagles will never refuse. It is the ultimate training tool when it comes to beagles.

  7. Leslie said

    We got the same advice by a trainer in regards to Carlo’s aggression on and off leash with other dogs. We have been working with him since February and it seems to work! Whenever we walk him and another dog approaches we feed him treats and praise him. Now whenever he sees a dog he looks up at me as if to say “Where’s my treat?”. We took him to a Beagle Meet-Up and he was very good. We saw no aggression and the hair on the back of his neck never went up. He still was humping a few dogs, but then I can’t expect perfection!

  8. Peggy said

    Stanley texts with his tail: it always points straight up when he is focussed on something. He looks just as intent as President Obama watching the attack on Bin Laden’s compound.

    Sherman is just so sweet.

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