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It’s that time of the year

Posted by laurie on May 3, 2011

Phillip made his annual manure run to The Home Depot this weekend. It used to be a highly anticipated event and we still remember the fight that Clayton and Spenser had over first dibs to it. Somehow they have managed to reduce the odor, which is fine by me, though probably not by the boys. The manure is for Phillip’s garden which this year will hopefully provide us with tomatoes (regular and cherry), cucumbers, zucchini and I think something else but I can’t remember. He also picked up flowers to plant which I’m going to try to take care of. My thumb is more of a neon red than green so we’ll see how they do.

Phillip mowed on Friday and I mowed on Sunday. The lawn definitely looks better, especially if you turn your eyes away from the bald patches that are just about everywhere. It’s SOOOOO nice to see green!

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