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Archive for May 4th, 2011

Top dog?

Posted by laurie on May 4, 2011

Christy proposed a new (I think) name for Stanley is her comment yesterday about the May calendar photo, calling him “Stanlicious.” I try to limit my use of the word “awesome” to no more than once a month and this is certainly appropriate. Awesome name, Christy! But I won’t tell Stanley because he will become impossible to live with.

Mud season is coming to a close, and now it’s tick season. I pulled five off the boys last night after their walk. Comparatively speaking, five is nothing. It’s time to apply more Frontline but that doesn’t prevent the ticks from jumping on. It will kill them but not before they can attach or jump off onto Phillip or me.

Finding a tick on me, especially if it was attached, used to freak me out, but no more. Dogs make us strong!

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