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More fun on the patio

Posted by laurie on May 5, 2011

Those of you who commented yesterday on Sherman’s patience while Stanley tried to climb on top of him were absolutely right. He is a saint. And saints deserve nothing more than a nice tummy rub.

The technical term for this is “nose grab!” Stanilicious is quite fond of it. Sherm, not as much.

“Beagle summiting Mt. Phillip”

24 Responses to “More fun on the patio”

  1. Karen S. said

    He is SO sweet. Are his white markings made of sugar?

  2. Martha M said

    I posted this yesterday, but wanted to also put it on a ‘fresh’ page because I’m so excited!

    Hannah and her ‘sister’ Gracie. They were found together and adore each other (they’re not sure they’re sisters, but they’re about the same age), so I couldn’t just take one!
    I’ve NEVER had two dogs before–any advice? 10 months old, female, did I mention adorable???
    I don’t know how long the adoption process takes–the app took hours to complete!!! Check them out at the Humane Society of Campbell County, VA!!! I’m so nervous!!!!

    Oh, and Stan and Sherm are precious, too!

    • Joan said

      Congratulations! You can never have too many beagles. It sounds like they are used to one another so you don’t have to worry about introductions. Have fun. Good luck.

    • Jeanne Kaiser said

      Thank you, Martha, for adopting from rescue and for your compassion in keeping these girls together. Two will just double your pleasure.
      Just reward good behaviors with treats and praise and try to ignore behaviors you don’t like. I’m sure your patience and good humor will be needed at times!

    • The two girls are so pretty! Now I’m anxious for you to get them. How long will the decision process take? Keep us posted!!!!

    • Susan in DE said

      Congrats, Martha!! Two are really not that much more trouble than one, and because they already are comfortable with each other, that’s a big concern out of the way. You will do great, and they will bring so much love to your life!

    • Carol said

      Hannah and Gracie have such sweet faces. Can’t wait to hear that they are home with you.

    • lois said

      Congratulations! They’re adorable & obviously need you.

      • lois said

        BTW – our Sherry is our first rescue. She’s such a love & so appreciative of all the good attention we give her – I can’t imagine ever going to a breeder again!

    • Nancy J said

      ABSOLUTELY TOO COOL!! Double hugs to you for adopting AND adopting the 2 so they could stay together. Having multiple beagles myself, I can only say that I can’t imagine having just 1. They play together, they learn from each other, and keep each other company. It will be a learning experience for all of you, but you won’t regret it a bit.

      I love those 2–what faces. I happen to be partial to ticked hounds; those ladies are gorgeous.

    • Karen S. said

      I think that’s wonderful! I have 3 dogs and with each dog the fun increases exponentially. And your dogs will never be left alone.

    • Martha M said

      Well, tears of joy and tears of sorrow.
      I’ve been approved for adoption and have spoken with the HSCC. They so want me to adopt-immediately as in today! The HSCC has no facility and keeps their dogs in a local pound facility. The pound is full and a place in Pennsylvania called “Peaceful Kingdom” requested Hannah and Gracie for a rescue event this weekend-almost certain to be adopted. I called back to say–no, no-those are my dogs and I’ll do almost anything–(change mother’s day plans, get subs for school….)to get them. Then I spoke with Barbie from the humane society.
      Here’s where the sorrow kicks in-she told me that she took them to the vet today in case I didn’t adopt them and had to send them to the rescue event in Penn. They found out Gracie is not only pregnant (early), but has a tumor in her back mammory (i know that’s not spelled right, but I don’t care)gland. It may be beneign (sp?), or not, but the vet said the back gland where the tumor is, is the worst place.
      So, I tried to not cry and tried to keep my head from swimming, figuring out time to be with them all day before school’s out, if our finances could handle major vet bills again, our being away for my daughter’s graduation from college in 2 weeks, could my heart handle another loss, and knowing they needed an answer ASAP……………..
      then Barbie told me that the place in PA has a full vet staff of surgeons, etc who are willing to provide Gracie with full medical treatment. So I asked–Will Hannah be all right without Gracie? Barbie said–“Oh! yes! I want you to have Hannah so much! Not only will Gracie be given great medical treatment, the surgical asst. is interested in adopting her!”
      So….I’m pretty sure I’m gonna be Hannah’s mommy on Monday!!!!!!!!

      • Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

        Hannah will be so lucky! And as sad Gracie’s story made me, I’m happy to know she’s going to a place well qualified to care for her.
        Enjoy your new beagle child!

  3. ChristyACB said

    Awww…Sherminator has such a zen look on his face. Total relaxation and just look at those feet! Cute button overload is now commencing…

    Stanlicious is just such a sweetly naughty looking boy.

    Martha, Please let us know what happens. I don’t know about anyone else but I’m on tenterhooks over here. 🙂

  4. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    Two are better than one! I echo Jeanne’s comments about keeping the girls together and adopting from rescue. I have two rescue beagles myself. Can’t wait for their homecoming, keep us posted.

    • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      I’m at work, but I couldn’t resist looking at the girls, they are adorable!!!!!!

      (Almost as good looking as the Kramer boys :))

  5. Susan in DE said

    Sherm and Stan are so cute! I had to laugh about “nose grab” … I will lean over to Josie with my two hands cupped to just the right size for a beagle nose, and she will jam her muzzle into my hands. We call it “snout trap” and she falls for it every time. Jordan prefers the belly scrubbing, and he needs to roll around on the floor while you do it, grunting like a pig, and tossing/chewing a toy while you do it.

  6. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    Martha, that’s great! Two beagles are better than one and they do keep each other company if you have to be gone. It’s also fun to watch the interaction between them. I’m sure I speak for the rest of the crowd when I say we can’t wait for pictures!

  7. Martha M said

    What an incredible family Laurie and Philip have created without even knowing it! Although, I think they do now.
    You have all been a lifeline in my heartbreaking journey with Shiloh, and now adopting-what great words of encouragement. I just want you ALL to know how much you all mean to me!!

    • ChristyACB said

      I agree, Martha. I mean, we all knew there were many other people being enslaved by Beagles…uh, I mean people who love Beagles…but it took this place to find a great place to really relate.

      I’m sorry to hear of Gracie’s physical challenge but also overjoyed to know that she is going to a place with the best medical care and focus for this. Her pregnancy combined with this would challenge most vets and these people sound like they really are ready for that challenge.

      I’m also overjoyed to hear that Hannah is coming to you. She needs a soft landing and you’re going to give it to her. That is amazing. What better tribute to Shiloh than to take in another beagle in need is there? I think none. Congratulations to you both and we want a picture!

      • Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

        enslaved by beagles! LOL! That’s a perfect sentiment!

      • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

        I totally agree!

        Martha, I hope everything works out well for Hannah, Gracie, and your family. You are trying SO hard to give them the home they deserve. I entirely understand the concern about vet bills. If you can only adopt Hannah, and Gracie gets the vet care and love she needs from someone else, at least you know you gave it your best shot. It sounds to me like both girls are VERY lucky that so many people are concerned about them and will give them the help they so badly need. Blessings to all of you!

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