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Posted by laurie on May 12, 2011

In the department of egregious homeowner errors committed by the lady of the house, I offer you: the ruined lawnmower blade. I was mowing the lawn last Saturday when I (intentionally) drove over a slab of concrete which marks the opening to the septic tank. I’ve driven over it many times before but this time there was a very loud noise, followed by Phillip appearing outside, frantically motioning across his throat. In scuba diving this means I AM OUT OF AIR!, but since we were not underwater, I figured it meant SHUT OFF THE DAMN LAWNMOWER! And wouldn’t you know, I was right! He peeks under and around it, starts it back up and drives in a few circles. The cut is WAY off, all uneven, so he shuts it down and gets underneath to discover that one of two of the blades is severely bent. And both have been rendered instantly dull upon contact with the concrete. So it’s off to Home Depot (I accompany him out of guilt) but they don’t have the right blade. So we head way out to the place where he bought the mower last year, arriving ten minutes before it closed. And they had the blade! We bought two, Phillip installed them when we got home, and I finished the lawn. Mea culpa!

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