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Paging Daryl Hannah

Posted by laurie on May 17, 2011

First of all, let me say that yesterday’s DD was just wonderful! Sherman in the pachysandra was too cute for words. Thank-you, Courtneay for capturing a great moment (and for taking care of the boys!)

So. How do I explain this? On Saturday we went to New Hope, Pennsylvania, a charming and fun town just across the river from New Jersey. In the morning we went to the gay pride parade, and in the evening to a Cheryl Wheeler concert. Both were great! These two lovely mermaids told us that they had flown in all the way from Atlanta for the festivities. They were real troopers, spending the whole day in costume despite the weather being cool and damp.

And this lovely lady is Martha’s new girl Ruby. Let’s all give a big arooo to welcome her. She’s gorgeous! Look at that ticking!

29 Responses to “Paging Daryl Hannah”

  1. Martha M said

    Thanks Laurie!! She’s doing well! Eating dog food with gusto, but totally ignoring us when we eat-(is she really a beagle?)Yesterday was the first day she was left alone for 8 hours and she fussed at me big time when I got home!!
    I need much help/advice on some training issues-the doggie door especially. She will go in and out if I hold it up and I’m working on it daily-tons of treats.
    She has ‘marked’ a few times thank goodness on the oldest carpet we have so we are working on marking OUTside!
    Of COURSE it is pouring down rain this morning and she hasn’t been outside since 11 last night……
    Wish you all could meet her!

    • Nancy J said

      As I have said before, I have a weakness for ticked hounds–Ruby is beautiful.

      Do you have a large supply of Nature’s Remedy on hand? We’ve had good luck using that stuff on floor and rugs. It takes care of the scent and makes it less likely they’ll go back to that spot.

      The doggy door thing–I’ll share a story. The 1st one we had was for a our 1st doberman, a dachshund, and an American Eskimo. For lack of any better ideas, I crawled through it several times, carrying treats and calling their names. Eventually they got it. They weren’t as treat-driven as beagles are. It was a leap of faith on the dachshund’s part: it was a solid door and it was a little high because of the dobie. I really think she closed her eyes, said a prayer, and jumped, hoping for the best.

      Ruby will get it–she looks like she will conquer the world.
      Give her a hug for me.

      • Amber said

        So we don’t have a doggie door, but I have been in Eddie’s kennel! lol, the thing we doggie mommie’s do 🙂

  2. ChristyACB said

    Oh she is gorgeous! Look at those eyes! I hate to tell you Martha, but with those eyes, she is going to have complete control of the household in no time. LOL.

    Wish I could help on the marking issue but I really don’t know if there is a fix for it. I’m very fortunate not to have that problem. Boscoe was housetrained in about 15 seconds and Gigi was paper trained when I got her. Took her about 1 peepee to trade that for outside time.

    She ignores you when you eat? Is that even possible with a Beagle? Does her nose work?

    Congrats on the little beauty.

    And that picture of Phillip is heeelarious!

    • Jenny said

      Agreed – it’s going to be hard to say no to those eyes! She’s beautiful. Try Nature’s Miracle for the marking? Well, I can’t smell anything once I’ve used it, but of course I don’t have the scent capabilities of a beagle nose…

  3. Luana, Cody, and Henry said

    She is a beautiful little girl, Martha! Her ticking (especially on the legs and paws) is similar to Henry’s. She is one lucky beagle to have you in her life!

  4. Karen S. said

    Ruby is a real beauty.

  5. courtneayparsons said

    What a gorgeous little beagle girl!!! Congratulations!

  6. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Ruby!!! How beautiful she is! Those soulful eyes. Love her! 🙂

  7. Ruby is gorgeous! Congratulations on getting such a lovely girl. As for the marking–it’s a lost cause for us. No matter how much I saturate the spot(s) Trumbo still goes followed by Alvah. I think he has a weak bladder or maybe it’s a political statement?

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      Henry started marking the day we brought him into the house. I also use a lot of Nature’s Miracle, but he still goes in the same spots, and then of course Cody does, too.

  8. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    First let me say that Ruby is so beautiful! Lucky you! Please keep us posted on her progress. I’m sure with your love and wonderful home she will come right around. Arooooooooo from Barney & Jodi.

    Secondly, I love New Hope. Unfortunately when I get to go there it is in late November and not much is happening. I’m sure that you guys enjoyed your weekend, too bad the Beags couldn’t have gone to liven things up even more.

    Welcome home! Courtney did a great job BTW!!

  9. lois said

    Ruby is a beauty! Love the beautiful eyes & the ticking.

  10. Bobbie (Casey & Dexter's mom) said

    She’s a very cute little girl, Martha. Once again congratulations. The pic from yesterday with Sherm is darling, I loved it.

  11. Scott said

    Rudy and mermaids…what a way to start the day!

  12. Rebecca Campbell said

    Ruby is a doll baby! Congrats on your new arrival.

    Phillip and the Mermaids is too funny for words.

  13. Susan in DE said

    New Hope is fun, and I love the picture of Phillip with the mermaids — all three of them are good sports!

    Martha, Ruby is adorable!! I’m not much help with the dog door and potty/no-marking training, part of why we adopted older beagles was so we didn’t have to do all that (both came from the same foster home, but at different times, and they already knew the doggy door business by the time we got them). Jordan has never done anything wrong in the house, and any time Josie has peed in the house we immediately took her to the vet and sure enough, it was a urinary tract infection and not spiteful peeing or anything like that. Now, if we didn’t have the dog door, I’d trust Jordan to still behave, but the ex-huntin’ dawg would definitely let loose. :-> But it will be fine, she just needs a little more time (and better weather!).

  14. Vivian said

    Ruby IS a beautiful girl. And her picture almost looks like a painting. I’d have one done of her. She’s very photogenic!

  15. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    A big AROOO to Ruby – she’s gorgeous! I love the ticking too.

    Another vote for Nature’s Miracle (I think that’s the brand – it’s the one with a beagle on the front, coincidentally (probably not)). I went through quite a few containers of that stuff when the beags were young and it worked pretty well. I have to say I was really glad to see that carpet go when we replaced the floors though.

    Love the mermaids!

  16. Peggy said

    Martha, Ruby is just gorgeous. I’m glad you found each other.

  17. Lynne said

    I was in New Hope a long time ago when my Aunt lived in PA. I remember it being a nice place with lots of interesting places to explore.

    Martha, Ruby is such a beauty. Love the eyes and the ticking.

  18. Harper said

    Love the pic of Phillip. And Couteney did a fab job yesterday.
    Aaaaarrrrrrrrrooooooo to Ruby!!!!! She is an absolute beauty. Martha you picked a jewel. When Whisky Girl first came to our house she was fine during the day, but would need to go out at night and we’d have little spots in the living room. One Of the biggest selling points ( i should say “buying” points) of our house was the doggie door in what is the Dogs’ room… No more midnight messes. It did take the German Shepard puppy months to figure out the doggie door and we had puddles again for a while. She was tiny at 8 lbs… She did figure it out tho. Ruby will too – I know it in my heart of hearts.

  19. Carol said

    Martha, Ruby is beautiful. Just want to give her a big beagle hug.

    We had a marking problem when we first adopted Cassie. A trainer told us to keep her on a short leash in the house and keep her with us all the time. At first it was a huge pain, but it worked. It doesn’t seem like it took too long until we were able to take her off the leash. Of course for the rest of her life she followed us around LOL. BTW, Natures Miracle is the best. Now I use it when Eddy rolls in something “extra special”.

  20. Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    Ruby is beautiful! Love her ticking! My fellow beagle lovers will appreciate this- we went to PetSmart Saturday to buy more food for the two hounds we work for, and came extremely close to bringing home a third. The local shelter was there, with a sweet little beagle mix. She was 2 years old, and only about 10″ tall. She had lovely ticking, just like Ruby, and her tail was white with grey stripes. If it were up to me, I’d have a whole pack of beagles, so of course, I was lost when I looked into her brown eyes. I count on Erich to get us out of these situations, and he fell in love with her too. We did end up talking each other out of it, because while she was adorable, I am not sure the two at home would have had the same reaction. And I couldn’t do that to my babies, I couldn’t bring an intruder in the house.

    • Susan in DE said

      Five years later and Josie still thinks Jordan is an intruder. ;->

      • Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

        we’re on 9 1/2 years, and Onyx sometimes looks at Cobalt like ‘what is that OTHER dog doing here?’ And he was here first!

  21. Patr said

    What a pretty little girl she is. My George is wagging his tail. He is such a ladies man anyway!

  22. Amber said

    She’s adoreable! Those eyes would have me suckered in no time!

  23. Angela said

    I echo everyone here, Ruby is a gorgeous little girl, Martha! That ticking and those big, brown doe-like eyes would melt me in an instant. Congrats!

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