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Those darn paparazzi

Posted by laurie on May 18, 2011

Those stuffing-less doggy toys have gotten a lot of play around here. We’re up to three now. I added a skunk which might not have been such a good idea because the other night I was in bed reading and Stanley came bounding up with Mr. Skunk in his mouth. I gasped for a second, then remembered what it was. Nothing like getting your pulse racing while you’re trying to fall asleep!

14 Responses to “Those darn paparazzi”

  1. Spunky's Mom said

    Those stuffing-less toys really are great – Spunky’s fox is one of her favorites.

    Did not get a chance yesterday to add my “arroooos” to the others welcoming Ruby. As everyone said, she’s gorgeous!!!

  2. Karen S. said

    I find that if it’s a genuine dead critter the dogs tend to sneak it in and try to look oh-so-innocent!

    • Susan in DE said

      LOL … fortunately, haven’t had that experience, but I know when our two dopes have something they’re not supposed to have, they hide with it.

  3. ChristyACB said

    Oh yes, I’m familiar with the “if I stick this dead thing under my pillow she won’t notice” thing. I know we can’t smell as well as them, but seriously…3 day old squirrel brought in the house? ::shudders::

  4. Nancy J said

    Been there, also. Several years ago, the pack got me up in the middle of the night to go outside and do chores. We came back upstairs to go back to bed, and I saw something on my pillow. I woke my hubby up to remove the dead bunny Sophie had so discreetly put there.

    • Karen S. said

      Lucky you–breakfast in bed.

    • Susan in DE said

      Not beagles but a similar story. Years ago, my grandmother had a cat that would sit on her nightstand waiting for her to get up in the morning, and would start yowling at her if she thought she was awake. Sometimes she’d want to sleep in, so she’d carefully open the eye closest to her pillow to see if the cat was on the nightstand. One time, she saw a dark spot on the pillow in front of her nose — dead mouse. Now that’s breakfast in bed for you (and will send you from zero to 60 mph shrieking out of your bed!).

  5. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    My Beags are at “Beagle Camp” and I miss them terribly. Hope these guys finish laying our new flooring today, or tomorrow. Paws crossed. I miss my babies!

  6. Peggy said

    I am so glad we live in the city ( Brooklyn, NY) Penny doesn’t get much of a chance to dine on ‘corpus delecti’.

    Laurie, love the ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ effect.

  7. Sue Kneeland said

    A couple of weeks ago, Brady was in our backyard looking at something on the ground. He then picked it up and started to bring it to me and all I saw were feathers sticking out of his mouth. I ran and got my husband who had Brady drop the baby bird. Apparently, two baby birds were pushed out or fell out of their nest. One didn’t make it, but the one that did Brady was trying to bring it to me. I guess he believes I can mother all creatures! The baby was okay and Dave put both the alive bird and the dead bird under the tree on the other side of the fence under the nest. The baby was gone shortly, so it must be okay.

  8. Tam said

    Elvis adores all four of ours…Abbey only keeps them long enough to torture her brother.

    Oddly enough…other than the raccoon (maybe because he’s part coonhound?!?!), all squeakers are intact, as are the unstuffed animals.

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