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Anyone in there?

Posted by laurie on May 19, 2011

Okay, maybe Stan is just a teeny bit overweight. He gets so much exercise, though! Five mile walks on the weekends and 30-45 minute walks during the week. It’s been raining all week but yesterday Phillip was able to get in a walk on the canal between storm clouds. He’s a good daddy, huh? And he does just about all of the walks without me, I must admit. On the weekends he walks with 1-3 of his buddies, and during the week he either listens to a book on Bluetooth or talks on the phone.

Oh, and that piece of whatever hanging from the refrigerator? I DIDN’T DO IT!

38 Responses to “Anyone in there?”

  1. Karen S. said

    Haven’t been out for a walk at all this week in Connecticut– too rainy! And the dogs are happy to nap through it.

  2. ChristyACB said

    I think it’s just the angle of the shot. LOL.

    I always love giving belly rubs when they get a little tubby. It’s just too cute!

    (Psst, don’t you think Stan’s little fat feet are cute too?)

  3. I’ve cut everyone’s portions down from one cup to 3/4 of a cup(s) respectively according to dog size. Not that it helps one bit since they get a share of my husband’s dinner and his ice cream. Funny, they’re overweight and he’s like a stick. Meanwhile, thanks to hot flashes I am sleep deprived, but not very hungry. I’ve managed to lose five pounds!

  4. Susan in DE said

    Stan’s not fat … the beagle up the street from us is fat. He’s owned by a retired couple and I’ve sadly watched him get progressively more obese over the last 4 years they’ve had him. He’s a jumbo beagle like Josie and Jordan, but they weigh around 40 lbs each and he’s gotta be 60 now, he looks like a footstool and he’s only about 8 years old. :-< "Mama" apparently can't resist giving him second helpings for dinner, and they've decided that since the yard is fenced and he's a puller on the leash, sniffing in the yard is enough exercise. I offered to walk him when I take Josie and Jordan out, but was politely declined … "No, we're fine with the way things are, thanks." If you hear news reports about a beagle kidnapping in Delaware, I trust that you all will keep my secret.

    • ChristyACB said

      The beagle underground railroad in VA stands ready to assist!

    • Luana, Cody, and Henry said

      That’s what happened with Bogie, our first beagle. We never had a beagle before and didn’t realize what chow hounds they were – plus, I swear Bogie was part goat and would eat ANYTHING! Our retired mother, who lived with us, would feed him constantly from her plate, in spite of repeated requests NOT to do so, so that didn’t help at all. Bogie would even grab cat food cans when he could and not only lick out the can, but would eat the can, too! (Thus the “part goat” designation!)
      When we adopted Benny I was determined he would not gain weight like Bogie did. Mom started feeding Benny the way she did Bogie, but due to her Alzheimer’s we finally had to put her in a nursing home just a few months after Benny’s adoption. After that, Benny got only dog food and treats and we kept his weight under control.

      • Gretchen said

        My girl Midgie is part goat, too! She will eat anything, she looks fat, but we really do not feed her very much.

    • lois said

      My co-worker’s beagle mix is now on a diet. My co-worker didn’t know that 1 cup of dogchow a day was sufficient for a beagle. They’d been feeding her 2 cups a day – which is what they fed their German shephard!

  5. Carol said

    We have a strange beagle problem. Eddy picks at his food. Every other beagle I’ve lived with finished their food in about 5 seconds. Over the course of the day he might eat all his food or he might nibble at it a little. I’ve changed foods several times, he’s healthy and a good weight. But the mother in me, thinks he should eat!

    • lois said

      Sherry picks at her food too. Don’t know whether she’s tired of what I’m feeding her, not getting enough exercise because of the rain, or just not hungry. I’m not going to worry – she could stand to lose a few pounds.

      • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

        You guys let your Beagles graze thru the day? We feed twice a day and no bowls are left down or there would be a fight in the kitchen. Maybe you don’t have multiple Beagles?

    • Karen S. said

      That is strange! My 3 dogs inhale their food, and only 1 is a full beagle.

  6. Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

    My two knuckleheads are on reduced-calorie food (again) and are starting to slim down. It’s a constant struggle, as all you beagle folks know. Taking them for walks is counterproductive, because even that is an opportunity to eat! They eat constantly as we walk: mostly plant material, but they also search for and occasionally find a cat doot or a dead something that they try to consume. They are unbelievably gross. I’ve even considered muzzling them, at least until we get past the goose poop in the park!

    • ChristyACB said

      I had to laugh at that. Goose Poop season around here is like a strolling buffet. The whole neighborhood laughs at me constantly steering the beagles (now just Gigi) around the poops.

      They are just what you said, unbelievably gross. But ever so lovable at the same time. Neat trick, huh?

      • Jenny said

        Oh the disgusting things I have seen Baxter pick up… And occasionally tried to pull out of his mouth before I realized what they were…

    • Spunky's Mom said

      I’m constantly telling Spunky on our walks, “It’s a sidewalk, not a smorgasbord—quit trying to eat everything!!!”

      • Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

        funny- I say something similar to the dogs when they go near the garden! We have a little planter on the patio, and Erich was certain the squirrels were eating his plants. Then one night I found Onyx standing in front of it (it’s just about chest high on the beags), and she was going to town nibbling everything. The beags think the garden is their personal smorgasbord.

  7. Tamara said

    Mine both need to have their calories reduced, though with the antics of Elvis last weekend, I think he’s a little skinnier. I know John and I are as a result of chasing him.

    • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      Chasing a Beagle on foot? Nah, we use the car, they just right in, goofy dogs. When we chase on foot they just keep running, looking back over their shoulders! HAHA

      • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

        oops should have said jump, not just. Sorry 🙂

      • Carol said

        Our previous beagle Cassie would run farther away if you chased her on foot. But if you brought the car, she would walk home. She would not get in the car. She would walk with me driving behind her, like her personal bodyguard. Got to love the beagle attitude!

  8. Angela said

    I think Stanley looks perfect! He may not be as lean as little Sherman, but Sherman is a more petite beagle, anyway. Plus, if he’s getting that much exercise, you don’t have anything to worry about. He’s a happy, healthy boy!

  9. Harper said

    Well, we had the Lab & Beagle on Weight Management kibble, but they’re both getting up there in years so I switched to Mature kibble; the Beagle gets 1 cup in the am and 1 cup in the pm and she’s still TUBBY. Not sure what to do about that. The Lab gets about 1 1/2 cups per feeding, and the German Shepard Puppy gets 2 cups per feeding — which brings me to my question for all your dog lovers out there: (and I apologize for the grossness of the subject) the puppy may have consumed various and sundry items over the last 7 months (including electrical, tin can, wood, possible gopher?, her own doo doo, etc. etc. etc.). I picked up a pile of mushy dog doo last night, and it looked to have worms in it; took it to the vet this morning, and she said that tbey were maggots (beyond EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWW). I haven’t seen any other doos that had any wormlike things… not sure where they came from… but I’m concerned… the vet wants to put her on a total bland diet… I’m wondering if there’s some object stuck in her system from all the odd things she’s eaten… I’m more than a little concerned… can’t get into the vet until Saturday .

    Also, have been using chicken stock (1/4 cup or so) in their food; then I read that it has onion juice in it… anyone know of good chicken stock/broth without onion????

    Thanks, and again I apologize for the gross quotient.

    • Harper said

      UPDATE: Vet just called. They think she might have Giardia (sp?); but the maggots were still maggots; Doc thinks that a fly could have infested the doo; or there were fly eggs on the ground…
      Sorry… had to vent a bit.

    • ChristyACB said

      If you’re picking up the poo later on, then maggots will come later depending on where you live. It happens. If you picked it up right as soon as it came out and it had maggots I don’t know what to say. Maggots need oxygen so that would be very strange!

      Giardia…well, mud puddles and dead things DO come with hazards. Did they give you a treatment plan?

      • Harper said

        Thanks Christy… yes, and we had some rain… I typically pick up at the end of the day, but didn’t get to it Tuesday night (meeting) so picked up last night. That makes me feel better. I didn’t know they needed oxygen! Yay. Yup… puddles… she drinks from any standing water if she happens to be thirsty and it’s there… even with a fresh self-watering bowl…
        Yeah, the Doc is running the tests and then I’ll get the pills.

  10. Nancy J said

    We used to leave food down in the bowl all the time, until we got our 1st beagle and found out they don’t quit eating until it’s all gone. Our doberman and eskimo would eat a little bit and then walk away. Not happening with a beagle.

    Sugar was c-h-u-b-b-y and we tried everything to get some weight off. The only thing that works is to keep her on a ground meat and veggie diet. She has slimmed down considerably and has some much more energy. The vet said as long as she is feeling good, has energy, and is not losing too much weight, she can stay on the diet forever. She’s the only one that gets this food. We couldn’t afford to feed everybody that stuff!

    I must say I have to agree with everyone as far as the icky stuff they eat. Last year, my youngest was munching on cicadas that had come out of the ground a year or two early-ugh. Oh, yeah, and earthworms, too.

  11. Don’t let any of your dogs rink from puddles especially if you have raccoons, fox and opossums in your neck of the woods!!!!! Alvah the JRT got very, very sick when he was only 4 months old from drinking and swimming at dog beach in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. He came down with leptospirosis and almost died! So make sure that your dogs don’t drink nasty puddle water. You don’t know what animal might have peed and have this virus. Also lepto is contagious to humans. It affects the kidneys and liver and you can die from it.

    • Donna, Oscar& Spencer said

      Mud puddles are dangerous to drink. We had a ghiardia sp? Outbreak and it can get expensive too. We vaccinate for lepto because of the mongoose, rat, and feral cat pee at the dog park. also lots of duck poop on the sidewalks. It’s amazing that all of these dogs survive this stuff

      Dog food–1/2 cup per meal with some ground turkey or sardines. Never feed your dog what the packaging says. They are just trying to sell more food!!!

      • Harper said

        I replied re: the puddles at the end. (they are in our backyard — and we’re in a developed area that doesn’t see much wildlife — which our dogs would chase out of the yard anyway)– mostly controlled environment 🙂

        Hmm. 1/2 a cup w/ground turkey? I think I’ll try that…. thanks for the suggestion.

  12. Scooby's Mom said

    Scooby used to weigh 38 pounds until he developed pancreatitis. He had to go for 5 days on 1 tablespoon of cooked white rice, twice a day with his pain medication. That’s it! We even had to limit his water intake. He ended up losing 4 pounds that week. Our vet said dogs can go a long time without eating, so we shouldn’t worry. (But it was hard for us to eat in front of him, we felt so guilty. We found ourselves eating in our car in the garage or going out for dinner so we wouldn’t feel guilty eating in front of Scooby.) So because of his pancreatitis, we aren’t allowed to cheat on his diet with even a bit of people food. HE GETS 1/2 CUP OF CALIFORNIA NATURALS LAMB & RICE LOW CALORIE, TWICE A DAY. Or we will substitute his evening meal with a rawhide chew bone. He gets small treats (kibble size) 4 times a day. And he shed another 4 pounds. He lost a total of 8 pounds and has more energy, and he is able to run and play with his 2 year old sheltie friend, Shane. You’d never know Scooby turns 12 in July!

    • ChristyACB said

      Wow! Pancreatitis is probably one of the most scary situations a beagle mom can get into. So frightening. Very glad to hear he has done so well! Amazing.

      That is one of the reasons we are so careful here with food. The Beagles keep away from any and all pork products…even bacon, which is painful for them.

      Eating in the car to not make your beagle feel bad; all I have to say to that is Hurray! You must be amazingly good beagle parents.

      • Scooby's Mom said

        Thank you! We try to be good beagle parents. We feel that the extra effort and care you put into something is worth it and our Scooby is so perfect to us! So when he got sick (because of us giving him people food – our fault), the least we could do was to make it as easy as possible for him. Isn’t it amazing what we would or wouldn’t do for our fur babies! LOL

  13. Harper said

    Okay I feel totally dumb. I misread the earlier comments about the amount… 1/2 cup per serving (twice a day)…. no wonder our Beagle is beyond tubby… immediate note to self: cut her food in half.

    Update on the German Shepard: Giardia was negative. After reviewing the past files, the vet (the vet yesterday was not our usual vet – filling in for our normal doc) determined that Shotzy’s just got a sensitive digestive track (apparently very common in shepards); so she gets a 10-day treatment to calm her system down. Then we see if her system acts up again; she may have to be on the meds long-term if it does act up.
    Lastly, the puddles she drinks out of are only in our backyard — to my knowledge the only critters that get in the yard are our 3 dogs, our cat and gophers (which the Beag stalks and kills usually) and birds. So although the puddles aren’t good, at least it’s a semi-controled environment.

  14. Karen S. said

    At the end of the day, no one can complain that this topic was dull!

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