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Secret confessions

Posted by laurie on May 24, 2011

I have a terrible confession to make.

I forgot to feed the boys supper on Sunday. I know, I know, I could be drummed out of the beagle corps for this. But it’s not so bad as that because I eventually remembered, at about 8:30 when I was reviewing my day. I’m going to blame Phillip because he announced that he wanted to eat dinner at 5:15 due to an early meeting. So I started making the soup at 4:30 and was deep into it when my sister called at 5 (beagle supper time), and then the soup was ready and it was time (for us) to eat. And since we always eat after the boys, well…I forgot. They didn’t seem to notice. I can only imagine if I’d forgotten to feed Clayton. By 5:30 he would have been shaking, and by 8:30 he’d have been practically in convulsions. This is not to say that they weren’t happy to dine at 8:30. And I promise (PROMISE!) I’ll never let this happen again.

18 Responses to “Secret confessions”

  1. Susan in DE said

    Jordan would manage, but Josie would never let that happen. For dinner and bed time snacks, she starts pestering about 15 minutes before “it’s time”. Breakfast is worse, she usually starts mooing and slapping furniture and walls with her tail at least half an hour before our alarm goes off (breakfast is fed shortly after that).

    LOVE that picture! What a bunch of silly little creatures (Phillip included ;->)!

  2. Karen S. said

    My dogs would have barked, howled, and assaulted me. Like they normally do.

  3. Andrea - Tinkerbell's Mama said

    Oh, it’s happened to the best of us. Usually a communication error between the two-leggeds. Tinkerbell will commence with the “head press” (beagle in lap, head pressed against your face and neck). This, coupled with the beagle cries of anguish, alert you to a situation gone wrong. Beagles will gladly eat at any hour – as long as they eat! Thanks for the laugh.

  4. SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

    If it is confession time, I have done the same thing, and wondered why they were bouncing off the walls. I have also fed them twice …LOL

    • Cathy, Gomez & Lily said

      Same here on both points. It’s so funny when you realize they’ve been fed twice, yet the
      enthusiasm (where enthusiasm = frenzy) they display for the second dinner is exactly the same as for the first meal. Those things just live to eat.

    • Susan in DE said

      And in addition to Josie always letting us know, we have to be careful because of the meds she takes — it would be bad in either direction, to miss it or double it! (She gets thyroxine — we didn’t find out until a year after she started taking it that it was supposed to be on an empty stomach, we were throwing it in her food. Vet said to leave it since she was now used to it that way).

  5. Lynne said

    Samantha would never let that happen. She would bark and bark. Speaking of feeding twice, one time my brother was visiting. When my sister got home from work she asked if anyone had fed her. I said I did. My brother said he did. Oh no, she ate twice, of course she did not complain.

  6. Karen S. said

    That reminds me of a funny story. One time my mother was watching the dogs for me. They were outside, and she noticed that they were busy eating grass, crap, and all kinds of garbage. Deciding that they were starving and had a nutritional deficiency, she went out and bought them lots of nice canned dog food and fed it to them. As soon as they were finished, they went back outside went right back to eating grass, crap, etc.

    • Rebecca Campbell said

      This sounds all too familiar! The pricey stuff is great while it lasts, but let them outside and it is a veritable smorgasbord of “earthly delights”!

      • Karen S. said

        Earthly is the right word for it. My dogs even eat dirt! Dad tries to convince me that they have nutritional deficiencies, but I know that dogs just aren’t happy unless they are swallowing something.

  7. Kramer and Gandolf's mom said

    Kramer could do without food, as he is getting to be so picky with his old age. Gandolf on the other hand, paces, whines, and let’s us know what time it is each night. It’s so cute. I don’t think I would be that excited about eating the same dried food night in and out, but he is. 🙂

  8. Sue Kneeland said

    Oh my – Ihave done that. Huey was like Clayton – 5:30 or faint (literally). He was hypoglycemic and if he started shaking our vet had us add a little bit of white Karo Syrup to his food or rub it on his gums. Huey preferred it in his food because he preferred food! When Huey first passed, we kept forgetting to feed poor Brady because Brady always relied on Huey to let everyone know it was suppertime!!! Never fear -we are back into a routine for which Brady is very grateful!!

  9. Scooby's Mom said

    Love the picture! I am jealous! I would love to have more than one beagle but my hubby threatens to move out if we have multiple beagles. My dream is to win the lottery and open a beagle rescue ranch. *sigh* maybe some day…

    • SUE, Barney & Jodi's Mom said

      You could always “foster” for your local Beagle Rescue 🙂 They are always looking for good homes like yours.. Then you don’t officially have more dogs, that’s my theory anyway.

  10. Scott and Scout said

    I did even worse last week. The dog food is kept in a small tupperware container. I took the container off the shelf. Picked up the food bowl from the floor. Filled the bowl. And put the sealed container on the floor! The filled bowl was on the counter out of reach. So Scout spent the day staring at a container he could not open!

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