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21 + x = 31 (solve for x)

Posted by laurie on May 26, 2011

I took Stanley to the vet on Tuesday after work for an ear infection. It started off as a wonderful vet visit, because even though I was ten minutes early there was no one else in the waiting room and they took us right away. I was anticipating at least a half hour. Anyway, the first thing of course is to step on the scale. I had already done so that morning so it was Stanley’s turn. He was 31 pounds. I was aghast. Why?

Because when we adopted him in December 2009 he weighed TWENTY-ONE POUNDS! How did we let this poor dog gain TEN POUNDS? Now granted, he was rather skinny at 21, so he doesn’t have to lose 10, but he certainly has to lose 5, at least. And if Stan gained weight I’m sure that Sherman could stand to lose a pound or two as well. He is not quite as light as I remember when I pick him up. The diet starts NOW! I feel terrible about this. Sorry, Stan!

20 Responses to “21 + x = 31 (solve for x)”

  1. Jeri said

    Don’t feel too bad, it happens to the best of us beagle owners. It happened to us with Sammy the first year we had him. He was about 27 pounds when we got him and was a picky eater (not anymore though!) (a beagle, a picky eater??) anyway, I started feeding him Beneful and before I knew it he was 39 pounds! I felt just terrible about that. I saw he was getting rather portly and it even looked like he had trouble moving around. I put him on a diet right away and now he maintains a weight of 29 – 30 pounds (although when I pick him up, he still feels like a heavy blob!). I found out that Beneful can really pack on the pounds and some rescues and shelters use it to feed dogs that come in emaciated, it works great for that. So don’t feel too bad, I’m sure he’ll be back to his “model swimsuit figure” in no time!

  2. Karen S. said

    Just forget to feed him a few more times.

  3. baileyngypsysdad said

    Its so difficult with Beagles!
    Bailey was at 45lbs when his cruxate ligament blew out! First thing after the surgery the vet said was lose weight! So both him and his sister have been dieting for the past few years. Bailey is down to 33lbs. Gypsy, is still hovering around 38. She needs to still drop 5 or so to be in her weight range.
    And yes, they both feel like 50 lbs when I have to pick them up…
    We’ve had them on a green bean diet. one third of their daily food intake is french style green beans. They still think they are getting a lot to eat, but in reality its good for them and a lot lower in calories than dog food. (they will not eat ‘diet’ dog food, or diet (low fat/no fat) human food for that matter)

  4. Brandy and Hammy's Mom said

    Ahhh…don’t despair! It can only mean one thing…he’s happy! 🙂

  5. Maureen said

    My poor Jake has been on a diet for over 10 yrs! He never made it down to the weight the vet wanted him at, but that’s ok he still lost over 5 lbs. Of course now that he is 13, he is off the diet and his little sister has started hers. She’s a more petite beagle and we are afraid any extra weight would really show on hers! We fool them into thinking they are getting lots of food, by feeding them smaller portions more often! They happily chow down and don’t realize they are getting less than a cup of food a day! 🙂

  6. I put everyone on a diet. Trumbo gets a cup of kibble with two tablespoons of moist food. Lola, the lab, gets about 2.25 cups of kibble with little more moist food. And Alvah, who looks like a sausage about half a cup of kibble and a tablespoon of moist food. So far no one seems to be complaining or act weak from hunger. When my husband saw how much I was feeding them he accused me of starving them and grabbed the kibble out of my hands was just about to fill their bowls to the top. Thankfully, I stood my ground. Another interesting thing to note, we’re not spending a small fortune on dog food anymore. We used to have to replenish a five pound bag of kibble every three days. Now it lasts a little over a week.

  7. Peggy said

    Laurie, we’ve had to watch Penny’s diet–she’s getting chunky. Part of the problem was she strained a leg muscle during the winter, so between the deep snow and no exercise order, well you can do the math. So, it’s lots and lots of zoomies. Wish we lived near you, so Penny could have a playdate with the boys. She’s ultra submissive to male dogs ( and human males, too)

  8. lois said

    Unbeliveable – Sherry went to the vet’s last night for her yearly shots. She weighs 31 1/2 lbs – up from around 20 when we adopted her 3 years ago. The vet says Sherry should lose a pound or 2. I think they’ll be happy with us if she’s only 5 lbs overweight. I suppose she doesn’t feel heavy to us because Andy was a much bigger beagle & weighed 40 lbs (also 5 lbs overweight).

  9. Bobbie (Casey & Dexter's mom) said

    Our little Casey was 42 lbs at his heaviest. After he was diagnosed with arthritis we put him on a diet and he got down to 32 lbs this helped his arthritis tremdously.

    When he started getting sick last year he lost his love of food, and lost a lot of weight you could see all of his bones and lumps. We actually preferred him with some of the extra weight.

  10. Laura said

    I was lucky I had the world’s pickiest beagle so his weight stayed consistent. But our lab is another story… One trick I have learned is to add canned vegtables to his meal. It helps keep him full. Also feed less than the Recommended amounts. IMO they are way off, Hershey gains weight when I feed him the amounts recommended.

  11. Susan in DE said

    Josie and Jordan are a smidge overweight, but not too bad. We probably have to take a look at cutting them back a bit more, the activity levels have gone down somewhat as they have been getting older. Josie has always preferred being a bump on a pillow, but poor Jor-Jor is definitely slowing down. Interesting to note, both are tall, “jumbo” beagles in the 40 pound range, but there feels like a big difference when you pick them up. Jordan is fine, but Josie hates being picked up and makes herself all stiff, so she feels more like 80 pounds (The alien running the canine simulator program deploys the double gravitational pull force-field. :->).

  12. Cobalt & Onyx's mom said

    We’re on a diet too! I took Onyx this morning for a teeth cleaning, and just called the Vet to see how she is, and was told she’s put on another pound. So I got scolded. Erich is getting scolded too, because he’s the one feeding them all the time. Cobalt has really slimmed down, he looks so good, but she’s putting it on. And she’s the more active of the two! I feel your pain and shame, Laurie!

  13. Harper said

    I put Whisky Girl beag on her 1/2 cup per serving diet last week 🙂 you’d think I was starving her the way she acts… Good intel about the green beans… I assume they’re fresh not canned? (sodium factor)

  14. Donna, Oscar & Spencer said

    Poor Laurie

    However, there is NOTHING worse than having to fast a beagle in the morning for a blood test/operation. Yikes!

    I remember when I had to put Rosco on a kidney bean and sweet potato diet to test for allergies. He got about 1/3 of the way through the meal and looked up with an expression like “what are you trying to do to me!!!???” But he ate the whole horrible dinner. That lasted 3 days and I put him back on kibble! I couldn’t stand “the look”.

    Two meals a day, 1/2 cup kibble with a little “meat” like cooked lean ground turkey, sardines (in water) or something like that for “real food”. Just a few treats and NO licking of the plates after dinner. I like the green bean idea. I might incorporate that in the meal for some change. I also give them a teaspoon of active plain non=fat yogurt every day for the tummy because of all the c**p they eat during their walks.

    I don’t mean to boast, but whenever we go to the vet and they take them back to weigh them I always hear someone say “A thin beagle!!! I”ve never seen a thin beagle before”

    good luck

  15. Cobalt & Onyx's Mom said

    I liked the idea of the green bean diet, and asked our Vet. She said that would work, but really if we just gave them 2/3 of what we have been giving them, and cut out the treats, they would be ok. We might try the green beans. we’re also going to cut carrots into bite sized pieces to give as treats-the problem is Cobalt won’t come in the doggie door without a treat. But if we can give him carrots and bring him in, we all win! Onyx was at 37, they said her ‘ideal’ weight is 32.

  16. Jacqui said

    When Phoebe loses her girlish figure we use a diet of green beans and pumpkin filling. It is very effective and she loves it. Now if I can find something effective that I love…

  17. Tam said

    That particularly happened with Abbey. When we rescued her, she was literally skin and bones. When we took her to Nationals 3 years later, one of the attendees told me (about 4 times) that she was overweight. Heck. You have a poor, abused, skinny dog…of course you will get carried away with showering them with love, affection, and food. Both of our dogs are currently a little on the chucky side (Elvis more than Abbey right now), but so are their owners, so it looks like we all need to go for more walks and less treats. 🙂

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